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August 30, 2022

Oregon Trail: You can now play the MSDOS version online for free at

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Oregon Trail is a game that has become a cultural touchstone of the era with the famous “You have died of dysentery” message that most of us got when we played it. There are multiple versions of the game available but the original version from Atari and then the DOS versions are the most popular ones. has continued their effort to archive classic games and now has the DOS version of the game available to play online for free. I briefly tried it out using Firefox on Linux and it works great. I did have to consciously decide to stop playing as the game is addictive, So consider yourself forewarned. 🙂

Screenshot from Oregon Trail

The version here is running on FreeDOS so in theory you should be able to download and play it locally but from what I could tell this version is online only. Check it out if you have some free time to kill.

Edit (31st Aug 2022): You can play the 1978 version of Oregon Trail online as well.

– Suramya

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