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February 25, 2008

FreeRice: Donate food by increasing your vocabulary

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FreeRice is a great site that has a simple vocabulary test. It donates 20 grains of rice to charities for every correct answer you give. The site earns the money to make the donations by banner ads that flash on every word page, so the more you get right, the more advertisers are happy, and the more rice is donated.

The site is free and requires no registration.

– Suramya

February 23, 2008

Attended Sandeep’s wedding

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Attended Sandeep’s wedding in Jhalandar on the 20th. Jhalandar is about 400 Kms from Noida and we had decided to drive there. Vinit, Surabhi and Pranav arrived in Delhi on the 18th at ~10:30 pm. As usual I had to go pick them up from the airport, by the time Pranav got out of the airport it was almost 11:30. On the way back we stopped over at Umang’s place and chatted till almost 5 am. Then also we only left because we had to leave for the wedding and Umang had to go to work.

We got home by 6am, had breakfast and crashed for a little while. Originally the plan was that we would leave after a few hours of sleep but by the time we got up it was almost 12:30. So we ended up leaving at 1pm. Then we got stuck in traffic while trying to get out of Delhi on the NH-1. That part took us almost 2 hours. After we got out of that the road was pretty good and the speed limit was a sensible 90 kms/hr. So we were driving at ~90-110 (with peaks of 120). Got to Jhalander at about 8:30 pm (we did take a 45 min break for a late lunch in the middle)

The wedding itself was fun. We first had the sangeet on the 19th night. All of us danced a bit, had dinner and then met everyone from Sandeep’s family. After that we all were tired so we crashed. The wedding day itself was nice and warm. The event was decent. The dance group they had organized was good. The wedding did go on till very late. The phera’s started at 12:30 and don’t know till how long they went on.

The next day we left our room at 6:00 am. The roads were empty so drove pretty fast. (Topped off at 160). Wanted to eat break-fast at macdonalds but all the ones on the road were closed. One for renovation, one opened at 9 am, and the third we have no idea about. Finally ended up having sandwiches for breakfast with Ilachi flavored milk. Plus Uncle Chips. What can I say… breakfast is the most important meal of the day. 🙂

Got home by 1pm. So the total drive took us 7 hrs. This included multiple stops, plus one hour of Delhi traffic. Over all a fun trip. Had been wanting to go on a road trip again for a while. So the wedding was a good excuse.

Well this is all for now. Having some internet issues (The home LAN is flaky for some reason) so more updates will be delayed till I fix that.

– Suramya

February 17, 2008

Who said English is easy ?

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Fill in the following blank with “Yes” or “No”

a) ______ , I don’t have a BRAIN .

Who said English is easy ?

– Suramya

February 15, 2008

Reporters Without borders organizing a virtual protest against net censorship

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Reporters Without Borders will hold the first International Day against Cyber-Censorship in exactly one month from now. You can take part in the first worldwide, live cyber-demo that will begin at 11 a.m. (Paris time) on 12 March and go on for 24 hours.

Come and demonstrate in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square or chant slogans in
support of Internet freedom in the North Korean capital of Pyongyang. Everyone
will be able to create an avatar, choose a message and brandish it in one of
the countries that are “Internet enemies.” You can protest for 24 hours and
turn the Internet into a way to put pressure on the cyber-censors.

I will be taking part. You should too.


Reporters Without Borders Website:

– Suramya

February 12, 2008

Regular Expressions Cheat Sheet

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The Regular Expressions cheat sheet is designed to be printed on an A4 sheet of paper and live by a designer or developer’s desk, to make life a bit easier.

Regular Expressions Cheat Sheet

Check out this post for a description of what is on the cheat sheet.

– Suramya

Tired after attending multiple weddings in a single day.

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Yesterday was a ‘fun’ day. I got to attend three weddings on the same day. The day started off with me, mom and dad driving almost to Gurguan to give Bhaat at my cousin’s place. It took us almost 1 1/2 to get there thanks to the traffic and we got there about 12:00 pm. The function took till about 2 pm and once we were done we left to attend another wedding clear across town near Gaziabad. It took us a bit more than a hour to get to that wedding. Had lunch over there then left for the second wedding which was another hour’s drive from this place. Got there at 4:30 pm and stayed till 5:30.

Then we drove back home to rest and change so that we could drive back to Gurguan for the third wedding. Unfortunately (or fortunately) by this time the mild cold I had been nursing for the past day had blown up into a major cold with a slight fever so I got out of attending the third wedding. I am sort of glad about that. Mom and dad were there till 5 am. If I had gone for the wedding I know I would have fallen sick big time.

As it is, my head hurts and my eyes keep watering. Though I am feeling a lot better than yesterday after a full day of rest.

Well this is all for now. I am going to go listen to some music now. Will write more later.

– Suramya

February 6, 2008

If Santa came to my house…

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If Santa ever came to my house 🙂


Source: xkcd

– Suramya

February 5, 2008

Went to the bookfair today

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Went to the International book fair being held in Pragati Maidan, Delhi. It is a huge setup with stalls setup in ~17 halls. I visited about 7-8 of them before leaving for the day. I was not wearing the most comfortable shoes so my feet were killing me.

Bought 7 books for Rs. 490. Which is a little more than the price of a new paper back (~Rs 300 – 350) Will definitely go there again. The fair will go on till the 10th so I still have some time. This time though I will wear sneakers. The best part was since I went on a weekday not a lot of people were there so I got to talk to a lot of the stall staff and they helped me locate some really good stuff.

Also got the addresses and locations for a couple of the shops which had the best books and now after the show is over I will visit them and see if I can get some good deals/stuff there.

Well this is all for now. I am off to enjoy my bounty 🙂

– Suramya

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