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June 29, 2005

Released Ver 0.2 of IM2Email

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Released IM2Email Ver 0.2 today.


* Added Config file support. Now the BOT can be controled using a config file
* Added logging support using Log4Perl. User can now control the logging level from a config file
* Added ability to reload the config file on the fly based on an IM message
* Added better help messages.

Also, have been talking to Brian Bittman who has created an Email2IM app like I was planning to and we both have decided to combine our programs and create a single program that does both. (This will be a modular program so you will be able to choose what modules you want to use). I am pretty excited about this oppportinity.

This shows why I like open source software, I created a program and posted it online for free download. Brian found it while surfing the net, realized that we both trying to do the same thing and could share code thus not have to re-invent the wheel. So he email’s me his program, which gives me a lot of good idea’s for stuff to add to my program. After talking agrees to work on a joint project and voila a new software is born. Time Frame: 3 days (Mostly ’cause I delayed in replying to his email)

If this was a propritary software it would have taken a lot longer for me to get permission to copy code and then it would have been full of restrictions telling me what I can and cannot do with that code and all the associated legal crap.

NEways, keep watching this space for updates, ’cause some really interesting things are going to be happening soon. I will keep you posted.


June 28, 2005

Blog now hosted using WordPress

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My blog is now being hosted using WordPress. It was defiently very easy to setup and it also imported all my old entries nicely. Unfortunately for some reason it decided that all the html in the old entries has to be shown as is so I now have to edit each entry *again* and fix the formating errors and make them look normal again. The second issue is that the comments wern’t imported so I will have to do that manually.

So far I like WordPress and I think it’s a lot more powerful than Serendipity and is defiently less resource intensive. Will be fixing the remaining entries over the next few days so the blog should be fixed by the end of the week.

Well this is all for now. Will keep you posted.

– Suramya

June 22, 2005

Released Ver 0.1.1 of IM2Email

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Released Version 0.1.1 of IM2EMail. This version has a more error checks and the ability to change the email address where the email is sent to on the fly.

To Do for the next version:

* Allow the email address to be set per session (For each conversation)
* Improve the help
* Add more feedback from the BOT about what its doing

Try it out and let me know what you think.


June 21, 2005

Blog finally back to normal

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Ok Everyone, After spending a couple of hours messing around with my Blog software I have finally managed to get everything working again.:-). Comments are working, posting is working and now all I have to do is finish recategorizing the content (I created some new subcategories and have to move the content to them)

Now the next item in my list is to fix the wierd problems I have been having with Apache & MySQL where suddenly they start using 100% of the CPU & memory and then when they run out of RAM they crash.

If you have any idea’s why this could be happening let me know. Now its time for me to relax and watch a movie or something. Fixing this stupid problem gave me a headache.

– Suramya

June 15, 2005

The Linux iPod

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Now this is really cool, the cool people at have figured out how to install Linux on an iPod. Once you install Linux on the iPod it opens up a whole lot of goodies up like the ability to record voice without needing extra hardware, more games etc.

For me the biggest advantage would be the recording feature. The best part however is that we can easilty revert back to the default iPod OS(?) by doing a softreset of the iPod.

Unfortunately the mini is not that well supported yet 🙁 so I guess I will have to wait till they get it to work on the Mini. I will definetly be keeping my eye on this one.:)

Complete Story: MacWorld

– Suramya

June 10, 2005

Mac OS X will not boot on regular PCs

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Even though Apple has decided to support the x86 architecture from now on they have decided that Mac OS X for Intel will not boot on machines sold by other PC manufactures (Story:

Which in my opinion is stupid. A lot more people would buy Max OS X if they would allow it to run on a regular system (Yes I am refering to people like me). Why would I want to buy another computer just to run a new os when I have 2 machines just sitting there doing nothing?? Hopefully someone will figure out how to bypass this stupid restriction.

On a side note the following comic script says a lot about how likely everyone thought that something like this would happen.

– Suramya

June 8, 2005

Yes I am alive. Barely.

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Hi Everyone,

I guess I have been pretty irregular over the past few months in posting to the blog but life has been super busy for the past few weeks. The project I am working on right now is nearing completion and we are racing against a tight deadline so I have to work extremely long hours to make sure that the project gets done. Just to give you an idea of the hours, I have been getting to work at 9 am and leaving at around 1:30 – 2 am for most of last week. This week has been a bit easier; I get to leave by 8-9 pm 🙁

Other than that life is just peachy. The weather finally decided to warmup so instead of freezing to death in my room I am boiling to death.

Read the Time Odyssey by Arthur c clark and found it to be a lot poorer than his Space Odyssey series (The Time Odessey happens in parallel to the events in the Space Odessey).

Well this is all for now. Have to get up early tomorrow.

– Suramya

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