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August 31, 2005

Me alive in California

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Like some of you might know, I am currently in California working on a project. Life here is cool,
the weather is awesome, the people a lot nicer and the commute a lot shorter (I am staying across the parking lot from work. No, I am not staying in the cardboard box… Someone else was already using that. 🙁 )

The only downside to staying at this place is the lack of Highspeed internet in the room. I can always goto work and get online from there but thats a pain. So I spend my time watching TV, exploring the area around the hotel and generally relaxing.

Since I don’t have anything major taking up my time I have started going through my email and replying to all the mail’s I haven’t replied to. I am all the way up to May now so hopefully I will be done in the near future.

Since I don’t have net access, work on gWifi is frozen till futher notice. Sorry. 🙁 Have a couple of other projects on the works (IM2Email and the Yahoo Search Collage) so have plenty to kill time with. Will also probably be updating the website backend to make it more efficient, but lets see.

Well this is all for now. Will keep you posted.


August 19, 2005

Linux Certification Preparation links

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There are a lot of different Linux Certifications out there. Here are a few links I have found that help you prepare for them.

List of Public DNS servers

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OpenNIC has a list of public dns servers that honour requests from any client available here or at the end of the page here

– Suramya

PS: Thanks to Raj Shekhar for sharing this.

PPS: Knowledge is now officially back from the dead. Lets hope it stays that way. )

August 16, 2005

SIP Tutorial

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Was doing some research on SIP and was looking for SIP tutorials and found the following link:


This is a hillarious explanation on how SIP works. Check it out.

– Suramya

Response to the feedback on my Hinduism article

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Hi Everyone,
Over the past few months I have recieved a lot of feedback on my article on Hinduism and some of it is good some bad and one or two quite rude. I know that there are a lot of religions in India and that Hinduism is not the only religion in India. Come to think of it some of my best friends ar not Hindu’s. So I don’t know why people would think that I don’t like other religions and send me mails saying that I am showing India in a wrong light.

I only wrote about hinduism as I had done a lot of research on it and being from a hindu family I learnt a lot about it by osmosis. I would love to write about Islam or christianity but the simple fact is that I don’t know enough about these religions to be sure that what I am writing is accurate. Me talking about something that I have only a little idea about would make no sense. Thats why I don’t have articles about other religions.

Then there are those other guys who keep sending me links about how the aryan invasion theory has been disaproved. So far I havn’t read anything that either proves or disproves the theory so until I know it for a fact I don’t think I will be re-writing any articles (Plus it takes time and effort to rewrite an article and I don’t have that much free time). This article was written as a research paper for a class. I got an A in the class and I am happy with it. If you don’t agree with me too bad. I like a good debate but don’t mail me and tell me that I am an idiot who doesn’t know what he’s talking about without proof. I will ignore you. I have better things to do with my time.

I will however, respond to people like Carl who make sensible suggestions (Carl: I will be adding links to other religons soon) and not come through like idiots.

Well this is all for now. Will write more later.


August 14, 2005

Yet another night out with friends

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Met up with Sachin and Karishma again yesterday night for dinner. Since Karishma is moving to California today it was the last time all of us could meet up so we decided to meet for Thai food.

We met at this place called Jaiya at 7 pm. I was the first one to get there and when I asked for a table for 3 I was told that the place was closing down for the night as they were having some problems with the cash register (The computer was down). Since Karishma and Sachin wern’t there yet I decided to walk up and down the street trying to pass time. Soon Karishma got there and while we were trying to decide where to go the Cash register at Jaiya magically fixed it self and we were told that we were welcome to come in for dinner if we were still interested. We did and the food was great. A bit on the pricey side but very good. 🙂 Will go there again soon. (If I can afford it 😉 )

After dinner we went to a bar called ‘barroom’ on 52nd and 3rd. Talked a lot over there had a couple of drinks. Then Sachin’s friend who was driving over from DC arrived and they both split after a few mins and then Karishma and myself also decided that it was late and we should head home.

Came home, fell asleep.

August 11, 2005

Now this is the height of stupidity

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This politician (Martin) is giving a new meaning to the word ‘Stupid’. Apparantly he decided that MS has been selling “bad code” (Not that I don’t somewhat agree with this but…) So he decided to sue MS and ask for an Unconditional warranty that the Windows Vista code is free of security bugs.

I mean come on… I am not the world’s biggest microsoft fan but in this case I will have to side with Bill Gates. Its literally impossible to write a program as complex as Windows and not have any bugs in it. You can try to minimize the bugs/fix them in a timely fashion but you can’t remove them entirely. You might as well ask for World Peace and free gasoline while you are at it. And how about suing the car companies because cars can be broken into and need maintainence.

With people like this running for office and winning… God help us…

Original Article:
Anti-MS Group Aims to Block Vista

August 10, 2005

NY Get Together Pics

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Finally got enough time to upload the pics I took using my camera phone during my recent gettogether with Aditi, Karishma and Sachin in New York.

If I had paid any regard to the so called feedback I got on these pics and the requests to remove specific pics I wouldn’t have been able to post any pics…. I wonder why girls are so picky about their pics. Its not like I am posting these on a marrige site. I did remove a really bad pic I had taken of someone who I will not name here. That photo has been saved in my future ‘blackmail’ material folder 🙂

The photos are not the greatest but something is better than nothing so here goes…

     Karishma, Self and Aditi at Times Square


     Karishma, Sachin and Aditi at Times Square


     Adit, Self and Sachin at Times Square


     Aditi, Sachin and Karishma at Times Square


Well this is all for now. Will post more later.


August 7, 2005

10 Immutable Laws of Security

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Found these on the Microsoft TechNet website. Found them to be true so decided to share them with you all:

Law #1: If a bad guy can persuade you to run his program on your computer, it’s not your computer anymore
Law #2: If a bad guy can alter the operating system on your computer, it’s not your computer anymore
Law #3: If a bad guy has unrestricted physical access to your computer, it’s not your computer anymore
Law #4: If you allow a bad guy to upload programs to your website, it’s not your website any more
Law #5: Weak passwords trump strong security
Law #6: A computer is only as secure as the administrator is trustworthy
Law #7: Encrypted data is only as secure as the decryption key
Law #8: An out of date virus scanner is only marginally better than no virus scanner at all
Law #9: Absolute anonymity isn’t practical, in real life or on the Web
Law #10: Technology is not a panacea

I agree with all of them and have found them to be true at various times…

Original located at: MicroSoft TechNet

– Suramya

August 6, 2005

Just some blabbering

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This week has been interesting. It passed by way too fast. Not that I am complaining though.
Weekends are a lot more fun. I get to relax, read and generally catch up with life. This is the first weekend in while that I got to spend at home (Spent the last few meeting friends, having fun etc) so all I did all day was read books and watch old Dr Who episodes.

I think I have been working too hard lately. A few of you might know that I work in a company that creates software for phone networks and deals with call switching. My current project involves playing with phone switches and figuring out why calls failed by reading the logs generated and then fixing them. So any time a test call fails I get to read some long and boring log files…

A few days ago I was calling the 1and1 tech support line as I had a few questions for them and in the middle of the call I got disconnected and heard a SIT tone (Special Information Tone) (The one that goes something like tu-tuu-to) and my first reaction was to check the logs to see what happened and why I got disconnected. That was scary. My boss’s response when I told him about this was: “welcome to the club”, his wife on the other had said: “You need a vacation” and I agree…

Hate Javascript. Rewrote gWiFi from scratch for the 3rd time, so far it seems to be working ok. Hopefully I will release a fixed version by the end of the weekend.

Got some good feedback on IM2Email. Will be incorporating the changes suggested into the next version of IM2Email. Maybe this week or next week. Depends on how fast I can get gWifi to work.

Well this is all for now. Going back to my book…

– Suramya

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