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May 17, 2012

Random thoughts & Ramblings.

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Just posting some random thoughts bouncing around my head. I think people who use the phrase “He/she works Banker hours have obviously never worked in a bank. Also the people who keep telling others that they slept like a baby have never spent time with a baby for an extended period of time.

I have finally placed my order for the Raspberry Pi 🙂 No I don’t mean the actual pie, (I don’t think I would like it that much. Too sweet for me) I mean the mini computer the size of a deck of cards costing about $35. Can’t wait for it to arrive, have loads of projects in mind.

Tried eating honey roasted cashew nuts today dipped in spicy sauce and it tasted awesome, I think I need to go buy more honey roasted cashew nuts. I had tried the same earlier with just salted nuts but that didn’t taste quite as good and I ended up burning my tongue.

Did you know Taco Bell in Bangalore gets a weekly shipment of Taco Buns (?) Bread (?) Round thingies (?) from Delhi and if the shipment doesn’t arrive then they don’t have the ability to make it in Bangalore?

Well this is all for now. I will stop now before I sound like a complete lunatic.

– Suramya

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