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October 19, 2008

My Weekend

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As I posted earlier this weekend was a very hectic weekend. I have caught a viral infection (I think) with the associated high fever and complete body ache. I have been functioning by taking a Paracetamol every 8-12 hours to get rid of the fever.

On Sunday it was Tarini’s birthday but she was celebrating it on Saturday so I drove to Gurgoan. I left here at about 7:15 pm and it took me almost 2 hours to get there. So much for there being less traffic over the weekends. Was there till about almost 2 am and got home at 3:30 am. It was a very fun evening. Caught up with friends and basically just hung out.

The drive there and back was painful and if we weren’t such close friends I would have canceled without any doubt.

Sunday I spent working after taking regular doses of paracetamol. Lets hope tomorrow will be better.

October 17, 2008

Think I am coming down with something

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My Back hurts, my eye hurts, my feet hurt. Actually let me put it this way, pretty much every muscle in my body is hurting right now and I feel feverish. This had to happen just before the weekend. *groan*. Taking a hot shower followed by paracetamol helped.

To top it all I get to work tomorrow so that we get two days off for diwali instead of one day which is great. But working over the weekend is painful.

My wireless card is still not working but the IT guy is supposed to come today to take a look at the laptop and increase the RAM on the system.

I got my new desk at home and am very happy with it. It looks nice and is very comfortable to work on.

well this is all for now. Will post more later.

– Suramya

October 14, 2008

Want a collection you can always use? Pirate it.

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Funny but true:

I have always hated DRM protected files. I need the option to do whatever I want with something I paid for where ever I want to.

I have personally been hit by DRM once. I bought a book from one of the online retailers and it was a protected PRC file. I downloaded their reader when I bought the book and read it. Then I had to format my system and didn’t bother to install the reader software. Now after about a year I wanted to read the book again but couldn’t. For some reason my account on the site was deleted and the reader won’t let me open the book without logging into the site. So I am stuck with a file that I can’t use even though I paid for it.

Thankfully I had initially taken a screen shot of every page of the book because I intended to convert it to html and I still had those files on my system so I ended up converting them to text and finally to html.

So in order to use something I had paid for I had to pirate it… Go figure…

I will stick with DRM free books/music in the meantime.

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– Suramya

October 13, 2008

Laptop woes

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I think I am cursed this year in regards to laptops.
In the past 6 months I have gone through 4 laptops. 1st was my old laptop then I used my Dad’s laptop for a while till I switched jobs and my company gave me a really cool laptop. It then turned out that it wasn’t powerful enough for my job so I got another laptop.

This one was one of the special edition laptops with a ‘designer’ cover (To me it looked like the cover was scratched) Other than the looks the laptop was really nice and it worked great. However a couple of weeks ago the cooling fan developed an issue and started making a lot of noise. At first it wasn’t that bad but in the last few days it got to the point that it sounded like a cement grinder working overtime.

So I gave it back to be fixed and I was given another laptop as getting it fixed would take time. Now this one is a great laptop with only a small problem. The wireless card doesn’t work… 🙁 At home its not an issue because I prefer to be connected using the LAN but at work its a pain because I can’t walk around the office with the laptop when I need to show something to anyone. At first I thought that the issue was with a setting in Linux but then I had to boot into Windows to use GotoMeeting and I noticed that the card didn’t work over there also.

Now the guy is coming over tomorrow to look at the system. I hope he fixes it and that I won’t be given another new laptop. Its a pain to install/upgrade the OS again and then customize the look and feel.

Here’s to hoping for the best.

– Suramya

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