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September 30, 2005

Sangh’s Dandia song: no Muslims, please

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What the hell is wrong with these people? Have they taken complete leave of their senses? These idiots have decided that muslims will not be allowed to attend Dandia because ‘hindu’ girls will run away with them… Believe me if a girl is desperate enough to run away with a guy she just met it won’t matter if he is hindu or muslim. They will run away regardless…

What next, are they going to start banning christians next from attending a celebration? Moron’s.

These festivals are meant to promote understanding , peace and encourage people to have fun but idiots like these have nothing better to do than cause problems and create trouble.

I have gone to churches and mosques, celebrated Thanksgiving, Easter, Id and whole lot of other festivals that are not ‘hindu’ festivals. During which I had fun and learnt a lot about other cultures & religions too.

Whatever… These people should be locked up as a public menance or shot for being too stupid to live… or made to spend 40 years learning about other cultures.

Source Story: Sangh’s Dandia song: no Muslims, please

September 27, 2005

People come up with the wierdest idea’s

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Don’t know who came up with this but this is funny. Whoever designed this had waay too much free time on his hands.

These Czech animatronic statues realistically urinate on the trough before them, moving their hips and organs in concert. Their “pee” spells out quotes from famous Prague residents.

And guess what, you can SMS a message to them and they will spell it out for you before continuing as usual.

Complete Article here: Peeing statues spell out famous quotes and SMSs

Source: BoingBoing

– Suramya

A Lesson in Encryption

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A good trilogy of articles by Peter van der Linden on encryption.

Part 1, describes how public key encryption works and where to get the GnuPG encryption software. Part 2 walks through some examples of file encryption/decryption, and Part 3 explains how to send and read encrypted e-mail

Lesson in Encryption, Part 1
Lesson in Encryption, Part 2
Lesson in Encryption, Part 3

– Suramya

CollageGen is down

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Had to take down the CollageGen as the backend process kept dying for some wierd reason. Till I figure out whats going on there’s no point in keeping the frontend up as you won’t see anything if the backend is down.

I hope to figure this out soon, lets see. Will keep you posted.

– Suramya

September 25, 2005

This is just bad…

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This is just plain bad. A picture of a Red cross credit card issued to Katrina hurricane victim Latesha Vinette was posted to various news outlets. As soon as the pic went live fraudsters went on a shopping spree with the card, reducing the balance to 0 within minutes.

Don’t these people have any shame, any sense of a moral stature? Here’s a person who has probably lost everything she had and is being given a chance to start afresh and these idiots try to make a profit out of it.

People like these should be caught and punished, not by being sent to a nice jail where they can relax and enjoy a vacation on government funds but put in a work detail and sent to the hurricane affected area’s as a workforce to rebuild. Make them work 12 -18 hours a day. That will teach them to behave. The same should be done for the rest of the scam artists who are trying to make money off the disasters using various phishing scams etc.

There is no excuse for people trying to make money off other people when the money they steal is being pulled away for things that desprately need money.

Original Story: SHOCK! Credit Card Pic Leads to Fraud

September 23, 2005

Ajax for Java developers

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Good tutorial on how to code Ajax applications uses Java backend as an example but is relevent for all languages.

Source: Ajax for Java developers: Build dynamic Java applications

September 22, 2005

Linux LDAP authentication tutorial

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Tutorial on how to setup LDAP on Linux. Looks interesting, might try it out on my spare machine when I go home next week.

Article Link: Linux LDAP authentication

– Suramya

Five pitfalls of Linux sockets programming

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Good article on socket programming. Focuses on implementation in Linux but is valid for socket programming in any language.

Complete Article: Five pitfalls of Linux sockets programming

– Suramya

Introduction to the world of Unix spell casting

Filed under: Interesting Sites,Tutorials — Suramya @ 1:33 AM

Unix for the Beginning Mage is really good book that explains the concept of Unix is a very interesting way. It is available both for free as a PDF file and as a hardcopy version.

Even though I have been working with Linux/Unix systems for a while I enjoyed reading it and a more advanced version of the book is in the works.

In the mean time check out the beginner’s version.


– Suramya

Saw an interesting movie

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Saw an interesting movie yesterday called Slipstream. Its about this guy who has a timetravel device that lets him go back in time by 10 mins. The movie wasn’t that great (The acting was pathetic) but one of the idea’s in the movie was interesting.

You know how most time travel movies and books talk about going back in time and taking over the world… this guy hits on a cooler idea that doesn’t harm anyone. He decides to cash his entire paycheck and take a spin back through time and then cash it again, and again and again.

Think about it, you keep the money you have and then go back and cash the same check again. The only difference is that since you still have the money from the first time you get double the amount for the same check. Cool eh. The only thing tricky is that all the bills in the second would probably have the same serial numbers as their counterparts in the first set so you have a set of bills that can’t exist and still do… If done enough times can this cause the world economy to collapse? Who knows… A pretty original idea though.

The movie could have been way better. The idea was great the picturization was pathetic.

Well this is all for now. Will write more later.

– Suramya

PS: Yes I have way too much free time today… 😉

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