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December 11, 2005

Ver 0.3 of getHype released

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After a long delay Ver 0.3 of getHype has been finally released.

Change Log

Ver 0.3: (11th Dec 2005):

* getHype now gets the list of mp3’s to download from the RSS feed instead of getting them from the GetHype frontpage.
* The files are now downloaded using the LWP perl module instead of using wget. So its a bit more secure/safer.
* Added an option to let the user set the network timeout in seconds.

Check it out and let me know what you think.


December 9, 2005

Some Useful XEmacs Customizations

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A XEmacs customization tutorial:

In the past, any Unix system that did not have the vi editor was considered neutered. While many users still believe that, my opinion is the best Unix text editor is the one you know, and, today, many people do know Emacs. Scuttlebutt has it that even Bill Joy — the creator of vi — uses Emacs. With Emacs users in mind, Tom Benton presents some useful XEmacs customizations.

Complete Article: Some Useful XEmacs Customizations

– Suramya

December 8, 2005

AJAX: Instant Tutorial

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A really simple AJAX tutorial. Its quick, clean and easy to follow.

Source: Voyager I – WebDev – AJAX: Instant Tutorial

– Suramya

December 7, 2005

20 ways to Secure your Apache Configuration

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Finally a decent guide on how to secure an Apache installation. I am not maintaining any apache server’s right now but if I was this would have been a great help.

Complete Article: 20 ways to Secure your Apache Configuration

– Suramya

A long awaited update

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Ok, its been a while since I last posted. Its been because of pure lazyness combined with a hectic work schedule. More of a lazyness than work but you get the idea.

So what have I been upto? As some of you are aware my birthday was on the 3rd of Dec and it was fun. Originally the plan was to go paintballing in the daytime (For those of you who are wondering what paintballing is check out: and and then follow that with a dinner at a Hawaiian restaurant. Unfortunately Surabhi fell sick so I decided to not go for Paintball and cancelled the dinner.

So I called up all the people I had invited and told them that dinner was cancelled because I didn’t want to leave Surabhi alone at home. At this point I was a bit sad that I had to cancel the dinner but otherwise not expecting anything. Decided to watch a movie and just relax. Vinit on the otherhand had a different idea on how I should spend my birthday, he called up all the people who were originally supposed to be coming for the dinner and had them come over to our apartment. Now this was a total and complete surprise. It was awesome 🙂 🙂 We had ordered Indian food from Rasoi and then spent a couple of hours talking and having fun.

The next day Surabhi and Vinit left for India. Now they are enjoying in India while I am stuck here. Actually I am happy that they left early as that gives them time to do most of their shopping without my being there ;).

Well this is all for now. Will post more later.

– Suramya

December 6, 2005

Easy Ajax with xajax

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xajax is an easy to use Ajax library for PHP. The site below has some good examples on how to use it to create ajax powered websites.

Complete Tutorial: The Net is Dead – Easy Ajax for the masses with xajax

– Suramya

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