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December 29, 2006

Sending an e-mail to users whose password is about to expire

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If you have users that don’t login to a windows system or Outlook Web access and just use POP/IMAP to download emails then you must be used to having these people call in to have their passwords reset when their passwords expire which can be a pain.

The following script sends out an email to Exchange users when their passwords are about to expire so that they can login to change their password and not bother you.

Download the script from here: Sending an e-mail to users whose password is about to expire

Will post the script to do the same on Unix/Linux systems later.



December 27, 2006

Linux Distro Timeline

Filed under: Linux/Unix Related — Suramya @ 9:26 AM

Interesting to see how/when all the popular distros in Linux started in a timeline format.

Linux Distro Timeline

Source: Linux and Open Source Blog


December 26, 2006

LCD Window Kit

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Here’s a different twist of the usual mod where users modify their computer case so that you can look into the innards of the CPU. In this version, instead of creating a window looking inside we put in a LCD monitor in the CPU. Which looks really cool. Below is a pic of what it might look like.


I have a flat screen sitting under my desk from an old system I bought a couple of years ago so maybe I will try to set this up sometime in the near future when I get some free time.

The site has some other really interesting projects also. Check it out if you are interested in DIY projects.

Source: – LCD Window Kit

– Suramya

December 24, 2006

Thoughts after watching Happy Feet and reading its reviews

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First of I want to wish all the visitors to this blog a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Now on to my rambling…

On the 14th we had our office Christmas party. We hired a limo and went to watch a movie in it followed by dinner in the city. It was a lot of fun. Originally the plan was to watch “Deck The Halls” but thankfully there was a mix-up at the theater so we got to watch Happy Feet instead. That movie was so much better than Deck the hall; It was a fun lighthearted movie with a great sound track. though it did raise some really good issues about the environment.

I was looking at the reviews and lot of people didn’t like the movie and think its “Satanic”, “promotes hate” and a lot of other crap like that. One of the posters on the IMDB forums said

Hello, my name is Martha, a mother of 3. I took my three little puddleducks to see this movie and was shocked, SHOCKED by it. It is clearly the work of the devil! Penguins DANCING?!?!?! AND SINGING?!??!?! It is satanic and promotes devil worship. My children were so upset by its anti chriatian views, i took them right out of the cinema and slapped the manager.

For those who allow such filth to be shown on our screens… SHAME ON YOU!

I almost fell of my chair laughing when I read this. Is this person for real? Listen Martha, movies do take a lot of liberties with reality. Thats how you can have Alien invasions (Aliens, Independence Day), talking fish (Finding Nemo, Little Mermaid), talking pigs (Babe), Ghosts (Ghostbusters) in them. If you actually think that fish and animals do talk then you need to get your head checked. What I really want to know is how do dancing penguins relate to devil worship. I watched this movie with 7 kids and 10 adults and we had Muslims, Christians and Hindu’s in our group not one of them thought that this movie was about “Devil worshiping”. It does raise some interesting questions about environmental issues but in no way shape or form is it about devil worship, against religion or any such nonsense. Its a good fun movie.

Oh, guess what it gets better. There was this other guy who wanted everyone to boycott this movie because “there were no blacks in it”. Yes, I am serious thats what he said. Here’s the actual quote

I was disturbed to find there were no black ppl in this movie. In a time where black and white relations are shaky I found it disgusting that there were no afro americans in this film. I believe the director must have some obvious relationship with Michael Richards, as he clearly showed that he has feelings of hate towards “the black man.” I have now decided to boycott all of this directors future films, and i urge u all to do the same. Your thoughts and opinions are welcome.

God! People, get a life and some self respect. Do you have so little self respect that if an animated movie doesn’t have a “black man” in it then you feel threatened and feel that it must be because others hate you? I didn’t see Indian’s, Chinese, Egyptians, Russians and a people from a hundred other countries in the movie and I don’t hear them complaining about it.

Yes, your ancestors were enslaved and put through crap and believe me I feel bad for them. The slavers were wrong and they shouldn’t have done what they did. But thats done now and we can’t change it. Stop using it as an excuse.

These people complain that “white” people are racist but I think that they are the biggest racists of them all. Anyone not black is one of them is out to oppress the poor “black man”. I knew people like that, they didn’t know jack about the work they were supposed to be doing but when some one who did got promoted or got a raise they would complain that it was because the administration was racist and they didn’t want a ‘black’ person heading the department. Arghh! It really gets me mad.

Oh and if you feel the sudden urge to send me flame mails after reading this, don’t bother as I will either delete them or post them here and make fun of them. I am confident enough in myself that I can ignore the random idiots.

Just for the record I make friends with a person based on how interesting they are, not what race/caste/religion/whatever they are. If I find you interesting I will talk to you but if not, I will either ignore you or tolerate you as I do for lot of other unwanted things in life.

Well this is all for now. Will post more later.

– Suramya

PS: Yes, I saw this a while ago but just got a chance to blog about it. 🙂

December 21, 2006

Solar Powered Bikini Charges Your iPod

Filed under: Funny News — Suramya @ 11:06 PM

I swear I don’t go looking for this kind of stuff….

Inventor Andrew Schneider has come up with a hot new concept for a SOLAR-POWERED BIKINI. A USB connector on the hip lets you plug in your USB-chargeable gadget.

hmm… I can see some interesting pickup lines coming in the future…

Source: Solar Powered Bikini

Thanks to The Raw Feed for the link.

– Suramya


Filed under: My Life — Suramya @ 10:58 PM

Found this online. Just liked it and it suited my mood at the present.


Thanks to: Sinfest: The Webcomic

No. I am not depressed. Just tired and not feeling too well.

– Suramya

December 12, 2006

PikiPimp: Add some bling to your photos

Filed under: Interesting Sites — Suramya @ 11:59 PM

Interesting site. Allows you to upload photos and then add stuff like hats, beards, bikinis, jewelry and more to create new images.

Check it out: PikiPimp

Thanks to Monkey Bites for the link.

– Suramya

December 11, 2006

Flashlight Slippers

Filed under: Tech Related — Suramya @ 5:04 PM

Interesting… I think I need one of these

Flashlight Slippers

– Suramya

December 10, 2006

Mp3Realm: A new Mp3 Search engine

Filed under: Interesting Sites — Suramya @ 5:24 PM

I have blogged about multimedia search engines before but all the ones I have used so far are slow/cluttered and don’t give very accurate results. Another issue was that a lot of the songs that it returned were not mp3’s instead they would be wav/ra/wmv etc.

I just found this new search engine called: Mp3Realm which addresses these issues. It only indexes mp3’s, the interface is minimal (something like Google) and it returns relevant results. In all a pretty good engine. Lets see how long it can stay up.

Check it out: Mp3Realm

– Suramya

December 9, 2006

Satnav causes ambulance to drive 200 miles out of the way

Filed under: News/Articles — Suramya @ 6:03 PM

This demonstrates how dependent we are on computers and how much we trust them… Basically

The crew — both new to the job — meant to go 12 miles to a specialist unit in Brentford, ESSEX, from King George’s Hospital in Ilford.

But instead of a 30-minute journey they ended up driving for four hours to Brentwood, MANCHESTER.
Instead of driving the eight miles from King George’s Hospital in Ilford, East London, to the mental health unit of Mascalls Park Hospital in Brentwood, Essex, the pair found themselves 200 miles off-track on the outskirts of Manchester before they realised their blunder and turned back.

The sat-nav with a mind of its own has undergone reorientation while the ambulancemen have been told to undertake a geography lesson and learn to think for themselves.

They drove for eight hours before finally delivering the patient. After the equipment sent them north, they covered 215 miles in about four hours. The way back was only slightly shorter and took more than 3½ hours.

In the old days they would have called and asked the dispatcher or someone for directions but the computer is always right correct? so they trusted it and ended up 200 miles off course.

Source: The Sun Online – News: Satnav ambulance 200 miles out

Thanks to: The Risks Digest for the link.

– Suramya

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