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January 28, 2009

So you think your life is hard/sucks?

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A lot of people go around complaining that their life is so hard and it sucks… They don’t know the meaning of a hard life.

Today while driving to work I noticed a bunch of kids in rags squatting down in the middle of the road picking something. At first I had no idea what they were doing. As I was driving past I saw one of the kids lick her palm which had a white powder on it, so I looked closely at the road and realized that at some point in time sugar was spilled on the road and these kids were picking it up and eating it as if it was a treat. To them it is a treat.

Now think about the times that you have thrown food away because it didn’t taste right or you didn’t feel like eating. Or because you were greedy and took too much and couldn’t finish. Feeling bad yet? No? You should. I am.

You may think that you have a hard life when you had to work an extra 3 hours or didn’t get your favorite food at home. That’s not a hard life. A hard life is when you have no idea when you are going to get your next meal. A hard life is when you are 12 years old and you know by personal experience that mixing a little bit of flour in water and drinking it will make you feel full and not get hunger cramps.

So still think your life is hard?

– Suramya

January 27, 2009

Happy new year + Random thoughts

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Happy New Year everyone.

This was supposed to be a continuation of my week in HK series but my laptop started having issues (The screen would stop working at random times) so I couldn’t post from there. Once I got back, life obviously got really really busy.

I was waiting to post as I wanted to share the photos from the trip in the post but… Ah well. I have posted some of the pics in my Facebook profile and one of these days I will also post them in my album here.

* Thinking about updating the photogallery script and adding comments functionality to the gallery. Also, maybe an rss feed just for the pics. So that I can post the pics here and publish them elsewhere also by including the feed…

* Have created a collage generator for Linux using Imagemagic and Bash scripting. Its a small script (80 lines) but it works great. *Note to self*: Publish the script on the site

* Need to find a good Mexican place in Delhi. Have heard about one in CP but haven’t checked it out yet.

* need to start posting more often on the blog. When I started I used to post one entry a day. Now its gone down to a post a month, maybe 2. This needs to change.

* Wonder if I should start making micro-blog posts. Just one or two line entries about whatever I am thinking about.

* I got a cool new RC (Remote Controlled) helicopter that Surabhi & Vinit got for me.

* Hopefully I will fly this more often than my RC plane which has only been flown once in the past two years. Although I can fly this indoors so I think I should be able to fly it more often.

* Found a mosaic creation script. Thinking about playing with it to make some nice mosaic’s. Lets see.

Well this is all for now. Will post more later.

– Suramya

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