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April 26, 2017

When traditional stories meet a budding astronomer

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A little while ago mom, me and Vir (my nephew) were taking an evening walk and mom decided to tell Vir a story to keep him entertained. So here’s how the conversation went:

[Mom] Vir, see there is Chanda Mamma (the moon)
[Vir] No, that is not Chanda Mama, that is Earth’s Moon and other planets like Jupiter also have moon’s. (and he went on about various planets and their moon’s for a while)

At this point mom didn’t know how to proceed so we changed the topic. After a few days she thought she would try again, this time we were driving to get Ice cream and here’s how the conversation went this time:

[Vir] Nani, look there is the Moon.
[Mom] Yes, the moon (Chanda Mama) has come out because Suraj Chacha (the Sun) has gone to sleep.
[Vir] No, Sun doesn’t sleep, It is night because earth rotates and the sun is now on the other side of earth so we can’t see it. The moon is on the same side and so is visible.
[Mom] I give up… All I wanted to do was to tell him a story about the sun and the moon.

I don’t think she will be telling him any more stories about the Moon.

– Suramya

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