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April 27, 2006

Got AirTel broadband today

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Today AirTel came and activated my DSL connection and phone line. It was a very pleasant experience as the guys who came for the installation very friendly and helpfull. It was one of the best customer care I have gotten so far.

My table is on the other side of the room from the phone jack so I was dreading having to run either the phone cable or an ethernet cable across the room. But to my great surprise the Airtel tech who had come to setup the phone connection did the cabling for me. (Its standard procedure apparently) and he did a pretty good/neat job of it too. To top it all off he even setup my BSNL line near the table so I don’t have to extend cables anymore. And both the guys were very professional and courteous.

Then later in the evening the DSL installation guy came and in ~35 mins I was up and running. He configured the modem for me and intially set it up so that I would have an icon on my desktop that I would have to click to connect to the net. When I asked him to set it up so that the modem itself authenticated the connection so that I don’t have to he did that too without complaining and he was actually knowledgeable about the stuff. I wasn’t there when BSNL installed my old DSL connection but according to my dad they were very lazy, didn’t really explain anything and setup the connection in a really haphazzad way. This guy knew what he was doing and he actually checked to see if I have an updated antivirus program before connecting me to the web.

I think the bigest advantage is that people at Airtel want you to remain as its customer while the people at BSNL don’t really care. So what if you are without net access for a week, it doesn’t really affect them so they don’t care. I am 99% sure that if my airtel connection dies they will have someone out here within 24 hours to look at it if it can’t be solved over the phone. Thats why I prefer private companies than govt ones in India. For private companies I am the customer and “The customer is always right”. They will go out of their way to help you but sadly thats not so for the govt companies.

The best part of this connection is that it doesn’t have any upload/download limits on it. Which is good. For some wierd reason BSNL doesn’t have any plans with unlimited upload/download which I find really wierd. So now I can stay online as long as I like/use the Vonage phone for as long as I like without having to worry about running over my quota. 🙂 🙂

Now I have two DSL lines at home which is very cool. 🙂 Well this is all for now. Will post more later.


April 24, 2006

So what have I been upto?

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So what have I been upto for the past two weeks since my last post? A lot as it turns out and I would have posted about it sooner but I was having trouble with my net connection (I would get disconnected every 5 mins from the net). I lost all net access on the last monday and didn’t get access back till the next day. Then I had a ‘choppy’ net connection: Meaning I was only able to stay online for 5 – 10 mins before getting disconnected. It made working remotely very interesting to say the least. On Saturday I went to the BSNL office and asked one of the people from there (Mr Gulbir) to help me get the connection working. Everything looked ok from their side so the guy actually come home with me to test the system and get it working. We managed to get it up and running for about 5 hours before it died again. Today I went to him again and took my dsl modem and laptop with me. He again spent a lot of time working on it with me and we finally got it working. Here’s to hoping that it stays this way… 🙂

To prevent this from happening I am getting a AirTel DSL line installed tomorrow and the advantage of that is that this connection has an unlimited data transfer limit. (Yes, BSNL has a 10 GB cap on the data transfer and then you pay 80 p /MB which sucks) So now I will have two DSL lines at home. Which is cool :).

I spent most of last weekend with Gaurang and Kangan. They are getting engaged next month on the 18th. It was a lot of fun, I metup with Gaurang on Saturday and we went to PVR Saket to meet Tarini and Raoul. We had lunch together, talked a lot and caught up with eachothers lives which was a lot of fun and then me and Gaurang went for a movie (Minuch) It was ok. A bit long and a bit boring, Not something which I would have choosen to watch on my own… Plus we had these three annonying females sitting behind us who were going ‘What did he say’ every few mins… And that was really annonying.

Once we were done with the movie we picked up Kangan from work (Yeah she worked on Saturday) and we had a snack/dinner at Priya complex. It was nice to catchup with friends after such a long time. Then we went over to Anuj’s place where Gaurang was crashing for his visit, since he was out of town we had the place to ourselves so we spent most of the night talking and then watched movies. The next day was also fun as all of us were feeling lazy and didn’t really do anything except talk most of the day… In Kangan’s words “Its Sunday, don’t make me use my brain”. In the evening we went to Ansal Plaza where we just hungout for most of the evening and then when it got late and they started shutting the place down we drove back and I got home. Unfortunately I still didn’t have net access so I wasted time reading the new Robin Cook I bought when we (Tarini, Gaurang Raoul and me) invaded a bookstore. Most of the next day was spent lazing around. I got net access back for a little while so I worked a little but then lost access completely so I couldn’t work.

On Tuesday me and Gaurang met for lunch and later Kangan joined us. Later we (Me and Gaurang) went to Monica’s wedding. It was nice and she looked really nice. I did take a few snaps but they are on Gaurang’s phone so hopefully he will email them to me soon.

The rest of the week was pretty uneventfull and I just relaxed at home.

Well this was a brief summary of what I did for the last couple of days… This wasn’t all I did but there is no way I am typing out everything I did. I am too lazy for that… so this is all for now.


April 12, 2006

Church Lego Version

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Now this is something you don’t see every day… It must have taken a lot of dedication and hardwork to make this. Its impressive

The “Abston Church of Christ” is a Lego project built by Amy Hughes, a computer programmer who enjoys doing Lego projects.She says she once wanted to be an architect.
“Abston” is a fictional city whose name is drawn from the type of plastic used to Make Lego pieces (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene).

The church has hundreds of tiny Lego people sitting in it including a front row of custom selected Legos that represent real people who “attended” the dedication.

Lego Church
Lego Church

Church Lego Version
Lego Church

Source: Church Lego Version

Also We know exactly what you are searching for… 🙂

– Suramya

April 11, 2006

Desert pinup ogled by Google Earth

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Found this while reading TechRepublic… People will go any lengths for a publicity stunt.

Now along with the great wall of China astronauts can enjoy looking at Eva Longoria, billed as “TV’s Sexiest Earthling.”

Images: Desert pinup ogled by Google Earth

– Suramya

April 3, 2006

The ultimate Speech to Text service

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Vinit posted this on Anomalizer’s Blog. It took a couple of seconds for for me to realize what he was talking about and then I fell of the chair laughing…

Surabhi says: The best part … you realize it.

VB says:

Before you ask, she’s too lazy to login to her own account.
MS Office’s speech-to-text takes 70 mb.
According to Surabhi, it takes 70kgs (moi).

Thanks for the laugh guys.

– Suramya

April 1, 2006

Updates on my life

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You know I just realized that some of the people who visit my blog do so to actually catch up with whats going on in my life and not to hear he post about random stuff that I found interesting. So to fix that oversite here’s a brief update on my life and what I have been upto:

* Today I attended Akhil and Navya’s engagement party. It was a really nice event. Yes they actually got engaged and it wasn’t an april fool’s joke (As I initially suspected it to be…) I guess many people probably didn’t show up because they thought that it was a joke…

* Wished my cousin happy birthday. I remember that it was a pain convincing anyone to come to her birthday party because everyone thought that it was a joke…

* The flooring is being put in the house we are constructing here in Noida, India. The white marble floor looks amazing. I did take pics and posted them online you can check them out Here

* Read my first Anita Blake novel by Laurell Hamilton. It was interesting though I found her way of writing very choppy (She uses too many short sentences) so it was a bit difficult for me to get into the flow of the novel initially. Once I got over that the novel was actually pretty interesting. However I still prefer Kim Harrison’s books on vampire hunter’s (Dead Witch Walking etc)

* One of my friend is getting married next month. I won’t name her here yet because she asked me not to so that she can break the news to every one… but considering that she is getting married in another 18 days she better hurry up and tell everyone or I will…

* A third friend is getting engaged to another friend next month. Lets see if I can attend the engagement. It would we awesome if I could…

What else… Yeah its getting pretty hot here in Delhi with a high of 35 Degree C (96 Degree F)

Well this is all for now. Will write more later.


This is just evil…

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Saw this at Userfriendly… Now doing this to someone is just plain evil…

This is just evil

– Suramya

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