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October 31, 2019

You can’t have ‘b’, ‘l’, ‘m’, ‘r’, and ‘t in your password if you are using macOS 10.15.1 aka Catalina

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Users of Twitter App on macOS 10.15.1 aka Catalina just found out that they couldn’t log in to their account if their password contained any of the following characters: ‘b’, ‘l’, ‘m’, ‘r’. When I first read the news I thought it was a joke but then realized that its an actual issue in the latest version of the MacOS. The problem is showing up on the Twitter app but other programs might be effected as well.

According to Twitter in-house developer Nolan O’Brien, these particular keypresses are gobbled up by a regression associated with the operating system’s shortcut support. Normally, users can press those aforementioned keys as shortcuts within the app to perform specific actions, such as ‘t’ to open a box to compose a new tweet.

Something changed within macOS to capture those shortcut keys, rather than pass them to the password field in the user interface as expected. So, in other words, when you press a shortcut key in Twitter when entering an account password, the keypress is ignored in that context rather than handled as a legit password keypress.

This reminded me of the weird and basic bugs that showed up in older versions of Windows. Apple really needs to work on their quality control if they want to stay in the game.

Source: The Register: You’e yping i wong: macOS Catalina stops Twitter desktop app from accepting B, L, M, R, and T in passwords

– Suramya

January 21, 2010

Floor collapses at Weight Watchers meeting

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Ok, I know this is politically incorrect but still damn hilarious. A group of 20 members from the local weight watchers in Växjö in southern Sweden gathered together over Christmas to compare the no if pounds lost by each.

Unfortunately for them their combined weight exceeded the tolerance levels of the floor at their meeting location and the entire floor collapsed. Thankfully no one was hurt during this, but this should give the members that little extra motivation to loose weight.

Source: Floor collapses at Weight Watchers meeting – Times Online.

– Suramya

July 3, 2009

Chinese airline wants to use ‘barstool-style’ seating instead of regular seats

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Don’t know if its true or not but its been getting a lot of press. Apparently Spring Airline in China doesn’t have enough planes to support all the customers they are getting inspite of them ordering new planes. So they have found a unique solution to their problem; in some portion of their planes they will replace the seats with ‘barstools’. This will allow them to fit upto 40% more passengers.

However if any of you have ever sat on a bar stool, you will realize that its not the world’s most comfortable seating option and I just can’t imagine people sitting on them for long periods of time. Although if the bar-stools were next to a bar, I am sure they will get a lot of takers.

The second problem I see is the safety issue. I can’t think of any safe way they can attach a seatbelt on a bar-stool. If this was possible then I am sure it would have already been implemented in bars around the world to keep their drunken clients safely seated… 😉

I am sure that this is just a what-if exercise that was leaked to the press and not something serious. Although, if it was serious it might be a good way for them to carry more passengers on short flights.

Thanks to : The Raw Feed for the original link.

– Suramya

September 26, 2008

China space mission article hits Web before launch

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This is funny:

A news story describing a successful launch of China’s long-awaited space mission and including detailed dialogue between astronauts launched on the Internet Thursday, hours before the rocket had even left the ground.

I guess this shows the reliability of the Chinese media. 😉

Source: Yahoo! News

December 21, 2006

Solar Powered Bikini Charges Your iPod

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I swear I don’t go looking for this kind of stuff….

Inventor Andrew Schneider has come up with a hot new concept for a SOLAR-POWERED BIKINI. A USB connector on the hip lets you plug in your USB-chargeable gadget.

hmm… I can see some interesting pickup lines coming in the future…

Source: Solar Powered Bikini

Thanks to The Raw Feed for the link.

– Suramya

December 7, 2006

Proof that you really can find anything on eBay

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Ok, now I know you can buy anything on eBay.

Earlier I spoke about paying a company so that ‘cool’/pretty people leave messages on your myspace page so that you look more popular than you are. Then Michelle pointed out that you can pay another company that calls you on your cell so that you sound more popular than you are.

Now I just found this auction on eBay where this girl is promising to be the winner’s MySpace girlfriend for a month.

Do people really care so much about looking cool/popular? Are they really that shallow?

– Suramya

December 4, 2006

Fake Your Space. a.k.a. Desperate to look cool and popular

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How desperate are people to look cool and popular on social networking sites? A lot it seems… Check out this site called: Fake Your Space

From the site:

Welcome to Fake Your Space. You have found a new and exciting service which offers help to all the men and women out there who don’t feel like they are popular enough on social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook. If you are tired of seeing everyone else with the hottest friends and want some hotties of your own, then this is the place for you.

You can pick the hottest looking friends to leave you messages. We have a wide selection of men and women of all ethnic backgrounds.

So for $0.99 a month you can have your profile populated with a lot of hot looking men/women.

Whats next? A fake calender that shows you going out on a date with a hot girl (With links to fake photos) when you actually spent the evening watching re-runs on TV?

God, some people are so unbelievable..

– Suramya

November 3, 2006

Candidate says bulletproof books could save lives in school shootings

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You have got to be freaking kidding me…

A retired veteran and candidate for Oklahoma State School Superintendent says he wants to make schools safer by creating bulletproof textbooks.

Bill Crozier says the books could give students and teachers a fighting chance if there’s a shooting at their school.

Thanks to Schneier on Security for the link.

Original Article: WBIR.COM – Candidate says bulletproof books could save lives in school shootings

– Suramya

Indian version of the Thriller Video

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Just when I thought that it couldn’t get any worse… I found this:

Indian version of Thriller

This is a pure rip off of the famous Thriller video by Michael Jackson in some south Indian movie. Thankfully the music sounds different but the dance looks the same, and it has the same ugly red jacket.

I don’t mind when some one copies a little bit of a song, or creates a parody of something, but this is just plain ridicules. A couple of years ago it wasn’t so evident when Hindi movies copied something from an english movie, but now with the increasing globalization its increasingly easier for people to identify what movie a particular concept was stolen from…

The sad part is that its not just Indian movie makers who do this, they are just the most ballant in creating the ripoffs and its not like we have a shortage of filmmakers with original idea’s in India, its just that some people find it easier to copy than to create original ideas…

– Suramya

October 23, 2006

Sorry Blockbuster, But I love P2P

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Found this amusing: Sorry Blockbuster, But I love P2P

– Suramya

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