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June 6, 2022

Diablo: Immortal – Its unplayable as it insists on showing every single player online on my screen in real time

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I posted about the new Diablo game earlier this week and how much I loved it, 3 days later I need to change my opinion. Lets start off with the good points first, the gameplay is fantastic and the controls are pretty smooth and intuitive. The skills, monsters etc are also pretty interesting and not too boring. The main issue I have with the game is that it insists on showing all the other players in the game on my screen. Here I am happily killing monsters suddenly a bunch of random strangers are all over my screen attacking the same monsters. I have never seen that in any of the MMORG games.

There are online collaborative play options to the other games but when I play in single player mode, it is just me and the monsters so that I can explore and play on my own. Diablo: Immortal doesn’t let you do that. It insists on showing you every single player who happens to be on the same section of the game as you and at times the screen gets so crowded that I couldn’t even see the monsters. It would be bad on a full monitor but it is worse on a 7 inch phone screen. To top things off there seems to be no way to turn this off and that basically makes the game unplayable for me. 🙁

I am going to keep it on my phone for a bit just in case they decide to release a patch to fix this but I am not hopeful so lets see. It that doesn’t happen then I will uninstall and go back to reading books on my phone when I have some free time.

– Suramya

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