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April 24, 2021

Get Vaccinated & Ignore the Anti-vax nonsense! Every Indian 18+ is eligible for vaccine starting May 1st.

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On May 1st all adults in India are eligible for getting vaccinated against Covid-19. Unfortunately, I have heard a few folks repeating the standard Anti-vaxer nonsense about how the vaccine is not safe and we don’t know the long term results of the injection. This is from educated folks who I thought would know better. Then there were some folks who were waiting to see what happens before getting vaccinated. I usually end up scolding all of them about vaccines. In India we have given 13,56,67,949 vaccine doses as of now, how many more do you need to see before you are willing to take the vaccine?

Another fact people keep bringing up is that people have gotten Covid even after getting the second shot. There was a study done to look at the numbers of infections after the second vaccine shot and as per the research, only .04 (.03 if you got Covishield) of the people were infected after the second shot and even in those folks the infection was not as deadly as it is in folks who didn’t get a shot. Compare this with the infection rate without the vaccine: As of today Positivity rate over 15% (15.9% in Karnataka) in 146 districts, 5-15% in 274 others. Please look at the numbers, we can’t handle the increasing numbers and you have seen the situation in the hospitals where people are frantically looking for ICU beds and oxygen tanks.

Covid infection numbers after second vaccination

It’s easy to blame the government for not doing enough to control the pandemic but I must ask you, are you doing enough to control it? The basic measure is to wear your mask when out side. This means that the mask should cover your nose and mouth fully. Having a mask over your chin does not stop the spread of Corona, it just makes you look like an idiot.

Also, there is no 5G tracking chip in the vaccine. The government/Bill Gates/Whoever does not need to inject you with a chip to track you, they can very easily (and much more cheaply) track you using your phone or using the multiple camera’s out there everywhere. The image below came up in my feed a little while ago, it claims that the item shown is a 5G tracking antenna which was injected into their niece when they got vaccinated. This claim is ridiculous at so many level but lets take a walk down logic lane and do some calculations to show how stupid this is. The length of this ‘chip’ is about the same as the width of the finger in the photo, a quick search gives us the average thickness of a human finger as 1.6 to 2 cm. Now lets try to get the thickness of the ‘chip’. Using GIMP I see that the ‘chip’ is ~168 pixels long and ~35 pixels wide at its thickest point. A quick calculation allows us to convert this pixel thickness to cm: 1.6/168 * 35 = .33 cm (3.3 mm). To give you an idea of how thick that is, check out this 3mm thick ring that is available for sale on Amazon.

So, coming back to the injection. In order for someone to inject you with a 3mm thick chip/antenna, the needle has to be atleast 3.5mm thick (maybe more because this is just rough calculations). As per the CDC guidelines the needle used for Covid injections should be 21 gauge for Pfizer and for Covaxin a 23 – 25 gauge needle should be used. Looking up the gauge scale on Wikipedia we see that this translates to 0.8192mm (21 Gauge) – 0.5144mm (23 gauge) – 0.6414mm (25 Gauge) of thickness. Now please explain to me how we can fit 3.3mm thick antenna into a needle that is less than a millimeter thick.

Please use your brains when looking at these forwards because most of them don’t make sense. You just need to look at them logically.

To close the post, I would like to say that the best way to stop the spread is to get vaccinated. While that is going on, we need to continue wearing masks and social distance because that is the only way to control the disease. I don’t know about you but I am tired of not being able to meet friends and going out for a few drinks or just watching a movie in the theater.

Let’s work together to end this pandemic.

– Suramya

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