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January 9, 2012

Finally watched the new Sherlock movie

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Finally watched the new Sherlock movie today. One word review: bleah… Didn’t like the movie at all. They made it into an action movie but bare minimum of Sherlock touches so that they could claim that it was based on the books. Frankly, if you like the books then you should watch the BBC series ‘Sherlock‘ instead. They have done a way better job of portraying Sherlock than the movie even thought the series in based in 21st century London.

Considering a lot of people who were raving about this movie are the same ones who are raving about Mission Impossible 4, I am wondering if I should make the effort to go watch MI4.

I am going to go watch the latest episode of the second season of Sherlock Holmes now to purge my brain of this horrible movie.

– Suramya

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