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September 15, 2011

Exporting Blog feed to Facebook

Filed under: Website Updates — Suramya @ 3:09 AM

I thought I had done this earlier but I guess Facebook changed its protocols so the import stopped working at some point in time. *shrug* No big deal, I have once again configured up my Facebook account to read and post any blog posts I make to my Facebook Wall.

If all goes well and nothing breaks, people on Facebook will be able to see this post on Facebook instead of having to visit the blog. Although I would rather that people visit the blog directly instead of viewing on FB because I don’t know if the comments (if any) made on Facebook for a post will be synced to the Blog or not. I guess I should try and figure out a two way sync between the two. Or maybe not. Lets see.

Let me know if you hit any errors or issues.

– Suramya

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