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July 15, 2010

An interesting way to be woken up

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Was woken up at 7am today by a very active puppy (Sherlock) trying to eat my hair and lick my face. It was quite a rude awakening.

Thanks a ton Surabhi… She let him into my room at 7am because Sherlock was sitting outside my door crying and trying to get in. As soon as he got in he jumped on me and starting trying to eat my hair. When he was stopped from that he decided that licking my face was much more fun. Gah..

Try being woken up from a sound sleep by something jumping on you and then eating your hair. Not fun. Had to kick both of them out from the room so that I could go back to sleep.

What added insult to the injury was the fact that Surabhi just sat there and kept watching this entire scene without helping and had the gall to laugh throughout.

Ah well, tonight I am going to make sure that the door is locked before I go to sleep 😉

– Suramya

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