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August 16, 2009

Software/OS Irritations

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Today I reinstalled Windows XP on my system because Vinit/Surabhi needed a XP PC for some work. I had it installed till yesterday but it was giving me issues (I had tried to boot to it from within VMWare) so I formatted the partition yesterday night. Install was ok, Most of my hardware wasn’t detected as I need to download and install the drivers for them, but the mouse, keyboard and the screen work which is good enough for what I need it for. I still have to install all the updates and patches etc.

The annoying thing was that the stupid installer overwrote the Bootloader so I couldn’t boot into Linux anymore. I had to boot to Linux using a Live Linux CD and reinstall the grub boot manager. To do it all I had to do was run 3 commands. Now my system is back to normal. 🙂

I am going to look into a creating Windows Live CD. I have read about it on the web. Lets see if I can actually find it and get it to work.

The other thing I was trying to get to work was syncing my Phone Contacts/Calender with my computer/Google. I managed to back up the contacts and calender as files but the sync to Google didn’t work. I guess it might be that I was too impatient and canceled the sync after 5 mins but I don’t know… Will try it again tomorrow. Or I guess I will just install Horde on my system and sync to its LDAP server. That way I will be able to manage/access them using thunderbird. I will just have to see what I feel like tomorrow when I actually start playing with it again.

I installed Opera today on my system, because I needed another browser for streaming music via a proxy. I didn’t want to use firefox because I don’t want all my traffic to go though the proxy. My feelings about the browser can be summed up by two words: It sucks.

The flash file upload at mediafire froze the browser. Then I tried to configure the browser to use a SOCKS proxy and was really surprised to find that Opera doesn’t have support for it. Even IE has support for it… (I think) Not near a windows message so can’t check it. So I am back to using Firefox for everything and will uninstall Opera shortly.

Having said all of that, Opera Mobile is really good. It works for what I need it for. So until Mozilla releases a browser for the mobile I will be using Opera on my phone.

Well this is all for now. Will write more later.

– Suramya

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