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July 7, 2009

Laptop repair woes

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I had posted earlier that Surabhi’s laptop was having issues so I had gotten the fan replaced. Unfortunately after they replaced the fan the computer started shutting down at random times for no apparent reason. So I took the laptop back to the place where I had gotten it repaired and left it with them for a day to diagnose.

Today I went back to the shop to pick up the laptop and the guy told me that the laptop was working fine. I could hear the fan from about a foot away and the guy had the gall to tell me that the fan usually makes such noise. While I was talking to him the computer shutdown again and I showed it to him.

He (Girish) then told me that they had replaced the fan and since the fan was running it was not their problem or fault. I told them if they broke the laptop while changing the fan it was their fault. But they wouldn’t budge. Then the main technician (Satish) at the place started yelling (literally) at me and Surabhi and refused to look or fix the issue they had created. He told me that it would cost us an additional Rs 4,000 – 5,000 to get the laptop fixed. So we (me and Surabhi) yelled at him some more then finally gave them their fan back and got our money back.

This shop is called: “Tech India Solutions” and is located at 206 Ashok Bhawan, Nehru Place. Whatever you do, never take your laptop to these people. I have been their customer for a few years and have gotten 3 laptops fixed from them but I am never taking another laptop to them ever again. I feel that they intentionally create issues with the laptops they fix and then charge more for the fix. I mean how can a laptop suddenly stop working after they ‘fixed’ it, if they didn’t break something…

The best part is that they are supposed to give a 3 month warranty for any work they do. *Roll Eyes*

I finally took the laptop to the IBM service center and they will be sending me an estimate for the fix sometime tomorrow. Which means I will have to make another trip to Nehru Place this week… I need to figure out a way to create a portable AC and carry that with me when I go there again… Its bloody hot out there.

Well this is all for now. Will post more later.

– Suramya

July 4, 2009

Watched Terminator IV: Salvation today

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Finally watched the new Terminator movie today. I had been wanting to watch it for ages, but first we had the movie hall strike so the movie wasn’t released here. After that once the movie released I didn’t get the time to watch it till now. Even today we barely made it to the theater for the show; we were buying the tickets at 2:40 pm for the 2:40 pm show so we missed the first 2 mins of the movie.

Liked the movie. Its a movie for the theater, not that much fun watching it at home. Some things in the movie really made sense if you think about it. For example having the headquarters in a submarine makes a lot of sense, that way all your brass is safe and you are almost impossible to locate and destroy.

However some parts didn’t make sense, like the open air hangers. Skynet controls all the satellites so having a airbase in the open is an open invitation to be bombed back into stone age. Actually for that matter, the resistance having any aircraft’s that fly regular patrols doesn’t make sense with the Skynet controlling all the air space and satellites.

In this sense the terminator books by SM Stirling (T2 Infiltrator, T2 Rising Storm, T2 The Future War) are great. They are a lot more realistic and definitely worth reading.

Now the next movie I want to watch is the second Transformers movie. Lets see when that is released here…

Well this is all for now. Will write more later.

– Suramya

July 3, 2009

Chinese airline wants to use ‘barstool-style’ seating instead of regular seats

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Don’t know if its true or not but its been getting a lot of press. Apparently Spring Airline in China doesn’t have enough planes to support all the customers they are getting inspite of them ordering new planes. So they have found a unique solution to their problem; in some portion of their planes they will replace the seats with ‘barstools’. This will allow them to fit upto 40% more passengers.

However if any of you have ever sat on a bar stool, you will realize that its not the world’s most comfortable seating option and I just can’t imagine people sitting on them for long periods of time. Although if the bar-stools were next to a bar, I am sure they will get a lot of takers.

The second problem I see is the safety issue. I can’t think of any safe way they can attach a seatbelt on a bar-stool. If this was possible then I am sure it would have already been implemented in bars around the world to keep their drunken clients safely seated… 😉

I am sure that this is just a what-if exercise that was leaked to the press and not something serious. Although, if it was serious it might be a good way for them to carry more passengers on short flights.

Thanks to : The Raw Feed for the original link.

– Suramya

July 2, 2009

My Article just got Published in LinuxGazette #164

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My Latest article on ‘Sending and Receiving SMS from your Linux Computer just got published in the Linux Gazette #164 🙂

Check it out if you get the time.

– Suramya

July 1, 2009

Doctor Who Quotes

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I love watching Doctor Who and reading Dr Who books. While surfing the web I found this site that talked about the most famous Dr Who quotes. So I did a little search and found some more. Here are some that I really liked:

“I just put 1.795372 and 2.204628 together.”
“And what does that mean?”

– The Doctor and Romana, in “The Pirate Planet”

“There’s a corpse by the wood.”
“What sort of corpse?”
“A dead one what other sort is there?”

From “Image of the Fendahl”

“You look very nice in that dress, Victoria.”
“Thank you. You don’t think it’s a bit, uh –”
“A bit short? Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that. Look at Jamie’s.”

The Doctor and Victoria, in “Tomb of the Cybermen”

(Jamie is a Highlander and wears a kilt)

More quotes are available on the following sites:

– Suramya

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