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July 3, 2009

Chinese airline wants to use ‘barstool-style’ seating instead of regular seats

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Don’t know if its true or not but its been getting a lot of press. Apparently Spring Airline in China doesn’t have enough planes to support all the customers they are getting inspite of them ordering new planes. So they have found a unique solution to their problem; in some portion of their planes they will replace the seats with ‘barstools’. This will allow them to fit upto 40% more passengers.

However if any of you have ever sat on a bar stool, you will realize that its not the world’s most comfortable seating option and I just can’t imagine people sitting on them for long periods of time. Although if the bar-stools were next to a bar, I am sure they will get a lot of takers.

The second problem I see is the safety issue. I can’t think of any safe way they can attach a seatbelt on a bar-stool. If this was possible then I am sure it would have already been implemented in bars around the world to keep their drunken clients safely seated… 😉

I am sure that this is just a what-if exercise that was leaked to the press and not something serious. Although, if it was serious it might be a good way for them to carry more passengers on short flights.

Thanks to : The Raw Feed for the original link.

– Suramya

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