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May 28, 2009

Itna Sannata kyon Hai Bhai? (Why is it so quiet?)

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This is a question I get when I am looking at a lot of the blogs that I follow (including my own). Is it because these people no longer have anything to say about stuff? I know that can’t be true because I still have lots of opinions about various things and so do most of these people.

So what else could be the problem? I was talking to Aditya a couple of days ago and he asked me why the blog was updated so infrequently. My response was.. just because. Basically what seems to happen is that I get an idea for a topic at a random place (driving, in the gym, at work) and at that particular time I have no way/time to compose a blog post and post it. So it gets logged or saved as a draft on my system waiting for me to get time to elaborate it and clean it up. Lots of times it happens that by the time you get time to post something it has lost its appeal or so many people have written about it that you don’t want to become ‘yet another person’ blogging about the same thing.

As an example, a couple of years ago Prince Harry wore a swastika on his dress to a party. It created a big hue and cry and I was going to write an article on it. I thought about it on a flight, made some notes but by the time I got to the point where I had the ability and time to write an article on it 2-3 weeks had passed and it was no longer an issue I wanted to write about.

What I need is a voice to text converter software for my phone so that every time I get an idea I can dictate it to my phone and have it converted to text which I can edit and publish. So far I have not been able to find such a software but I am hopeful that it might happen soon.

Currently I have 5 posts in the drafts sections of the blog. Not sure how many of them will see the light of the day anytime soon. Lets see.

– Suramya

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