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April 3, 2009

How/How much do you use your cell phone?

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Personally I don’t like talking on the phone a lot. There are only a few people with whom I can stay on the phone for more than a couple of mins at a time. (You know who you are).

My phone usage graph looks pretty much like the one shown below:

cell-phone Usage

In fact according to my phone which I have had for a little less than a year now, I have talked for 36 hours and 45 mins so far on it. The funny part is that I know people who talk that much on the phone in a week.

BTW, these stats don’t include the time spent on conference calls at work. The longest I have been on a conference call was about 6 hours and I must have talked for about 30 mins during the entire call. (A server was down and different departments in the company in different locations were trying to fix it)

– Suramya

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