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April 5, 2009

Driving faster gives you a better fuel average?

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Well that’s what it looks like right now. Till last month I used to drive pretty fast going to work and back as at that particular times the roads would be empty so it was normal for me to hit 100-120. This was the case for the past year and I would get a fuel average of about 14 (I did hit 16 a couple of times) consistently on my Honda City.

This past month I haven’t been driving that fast and have kept to a speed of about 50-60. This was mainly because a) mom found out that I drive that fast and I got a lecture b) I wanted to save fuel. The funny part is that this time I only got an average of 10.5 which is the absolute lowest I have hit in ages.

So I believe the moral of the story is that I should drive faster as it will give me better millage. 🙂

What have your experiences been with fuel averages?

– Suramya

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