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April 6, 2008

Weekend was fun.

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This weekend was fun. Surabhi & Vinit had come over from Bangalore for a meeting/conference. So I got to go receive them at the airport. Surabhi came at 7:20 pm and I had reached the airport at 6:55 so I got to spend 30 mins sitting in the car waiting for her to arrive. Good thing that now I can read books on my phone, otherwise it would have been painful.

Vinit arrived at 1:20 am but thanks to Surabhi being impatient we reached the airport at 12:15am. So we got to spend one hour in the car. Thankfully there was a Narula’s express counter in the gas station where we were waiting so the wait wasn’t that bad. By the time Vinit arrived it had started raining so we got back pretty late.

On Sunday we went for a late dinner at this restaurant called Panjabi Pindi. Where the food was excellent and the prices were reasonable. Would have also watched a movie but nothing good was playing so we came back home and they both crashed as they have to get up early in the morning.

I watched the First episode of the new season of Dr. Who. I Loved it. The new companion is a lot better than Martha and thankfully they won’t have that stupid love interest this time with the new companion like they tried last time. So far I like this companion, though Rose was a good companion too… When I was reading the comments on the latest episode I saw this comment made by a user:

drewmit: But, by not being in DW, Billie Piper can instead do season 2 of Secret Diary of
a Call Girl. A series in which she appears nude. I think she should keep her
current job, don’t you?

It made me laugh.

The Second season of Torchwood has ended. Liked this season a lot better than the 1st one. Lot of good storylines this time. Actually make that: they actually had story lines this time… Too bad it ended.

Now I am off to bed. Long day tomorrow…

– Suramya

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