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April 16, 2008

Last week brought a lot of changes

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This past week have brought a lot of changes. I started the week with a new job. Thats right I just switched jobs. I am now working for a company called SourceFuse Technologies that’s based out of Noida and has offices in the US also. I have joined as a senior project manager for PHP.

The week started off pretty well, I got to work at 1pm (yeah, I still work US hours) and was back home at ~1:30 am. Wasn’t that bad. The next few days however were crazy we were here in the office till almost 5 am. On friday I got home at 6:30am. This was because we had a project deadline. Thankfully that is now deployed and confirmed as working.

The other major change was that I got a new laptop from work, its a Compaq presario v3000 with Dualcore processors (1.7 Ghz) and 2 GB of RAM, 160GB hdd. Its a great system. It had Vista installed on it and it was running really slowly. Plus I hate Vista anyways. BTW, do you know. The first time you start a computer running vista it takes it about 20mins-1 hour to configure the system? Saw this on a piece of paper that I found with my laptop in the bag.

I have installed Linux on it and it ran great except for the following issues:

1. Headphones weren’t working. When I plugged the headphones in the system sound was played on both the speakers and the headphones. – Fixed

2. Can’t get a resolution higher than 1024x – Still working on it. Had fixed it but that broke the touchpad. 🙁 Not really a major issue. Just irritating

3. Wireless not working – Fixed. Needed to install the drivers.

Other than that, everything worked out of the box. Including the bluetooth, builtin webcam, LAN etc.

Really enjoying playing with it. In the process of installing windows on it in a virtual machine. I will make a separate post on how I got everything to work.

This is all for now. Will post more later.

– Suramya

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