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September 1, 2007

Me still alive… I think.

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The past two weeks have been interesting (as in the Chinese curse). On the 27th I fell sick, it started with my vomiting a lot all day along with a slight fever and giddiness. So we decided to go see a doctor as it had gotten to the point where I couldn’t drink a sip of water without throwing up. Instead of going to a regular doctor we decided to go to Swami Ramdev’s clinic where they prescribe aurvedic medicines. We did this because we thought that antibiotics usually have side effects and aurvedic medicines have helped me before.

The guy over there looked at me, poked a pen in my palm a couple of places and in my stomach and told us that I have hyper acidity and gave me some really horrible tasting medicines to eat. At first they helped and I stopped throwing up but today I started getting worse again with the same symptoms as before along with abdominal pains.

So this time we went to an actual doctor and got a whole lot of tests done because the aurvedic medicines had failed. This one did a lot more poking in my stomach and took my BP etc. So far we have no idea whats wrong. the Initial diagnosis is that I could have either of the following: Acute Appendicitis, Early version of Hepatitis, Mild Jaundice or a intestinal infection.

So far we have ruled out the Appendicitis after an ultra-sound. I will know more when the results of the rest of my tests come back. Lets see. I am getting tired of throwing up.

Had to give blood for the tests. Hated that part. (I am scared of needles).

Well this is all for now. Here’s hoping for the best.

Update (Sep 2nd): Well… its official. I have an intestinal infection. Taking antibiotics so that should help. On the other hand my hemoglobin is at 16.1 which is good news. Must be because of all the spinach I eat. 🙂

– Suramya

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