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November 20, 2006

Megapixels: When more isn’t necessarily better

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A good article about how to choose a good digital camera. It talks about how people mistake higher megapixel camera’s to be better cameras.

I have actually seen this personally with photos I have taken. At Gaurang’s engagement the photos I took with my 1.3 Mega-pixel camera looked better than the ones taken with a 4 megapixel camera. The pics from the 4 megapixel camera looked blocky and the indoor photos were the worst. They pretty much looked like they were taken with a 4 year old camera. The sad part was that I used that camera more than mine as I thought that it would give me better pics.

Right now I have a Sony Cybershot and I don’t see a lot of difference between a 3 mega pixel shot and a 5 mega pixel shot. Oh, I know the 5 mega pixel has some more details and even when I crop out a particular portion of the photo I still get a good resolution on that portion.

Check it out over here: The myth of maximum megapixels


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