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July 12, 2006

Just some rambling

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Ok, havn’t posted on the blog for the past few days as life suddenly got really busy. Deadlines suck. We have a project due on Friday now I have to do crazy hours to finish testing… Haven’t slept for a while so if this post doesn’t make sense you know why.

Finished reading a couple of good books and found some new authors I really liked: Kelley Armstrong: Women of Otherworld Series, C.E Murphy: Urban Shaman Series, Carrie Vaughn: Kitty Series, Kim Harrison: Hollows Series, Laura Anne Gilman: Retriver Series, Patricia Briggs: All her books, Rachel Caine: Weather Warden Series. Yes, thats more than a couple. 🙂

You know’s recomendation system is really good, I especially like the system where people post lists of books they like. Found some really good books that way.

I have given up on Anita Blake novels, they read more like porn novels than actual Fantasy novels… I mean whatever happened to having an actual story? It looks like the author knows that sex sells so her novels are sex with a small side of a story.

Watched the season finalle of the New Dr Who series. It was really good, love they way they ended it. Unfortunately I have to wait till Christmas for the continuation. 🙁 Why do they only have 13 episodes per season? Another new series I have started watching is Blade the Series. So far only two episodes have been broadcast and they were decent, nothing great but not bad either.

The house we are building is nearing completion. It looks great.

Well this is all for now. I think I will go sleep now.

– Suramya

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