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March 9, 2006

New Biometrics scanner released

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This is an interesting new biometrics scanner that uses the layout of the veins in the user’s palm to authenticate them. Apparently its more reliable than fingerprints and safer. Couldn’t find any pricing information but I bet they are expensive right now. Hopefully the price will go down a lot so that I can afford to get one to play with.


Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc. on Wednesday announced the global launch of its PalmSecure biometric authentication system. The contactless system identifies users by examining the layout of the veins in the palms of their hands.

The PalmSecure device uses a near-infrared beam, similar to that used by television remote controls, to map the layout of veins carrying oxygen-depleted blood back to the heart. According to Joel Hagberg, vice president of marketing and business development for Fujitsu, those vein patterns are unique in every person — even more so than fingerprints or DNA.

Complete Story: For security, Fujitsu talks to the hand – Computerworld


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