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March 10, 2006

Google: A giant hard disk in the sky?

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There have been rumors to the affect that Google might be releasing a new service that allows users to store unlimited amount of data on their servers and access it from anywhere… While this sounds really neat and useful there are a couple of issues with it that you might want to think about (If you are planning on using it. I am not)

1. First as soon as the data is off your computer and on google’s they have full access to it, they can scan it to generate targeted ads. (They already do that with your email). If a google employee wanted to they could read you private documents (You tax returns, your love letters, your whatever… ). Not saying that they will just they can.

2. Storing it on Google’s servers will make it easier for law agencies/lawyers to get search access to your data using a subpeona. Adam Fields has a good writeup on why storing your data on google is a bad idea.

So if you still want to store stuff on google feel free to, but I am not. I might store encrypted files for a short time if I needed to free up space for something, but for a more long term solution I will stick to my DVD burner. 🙂

Original Article: Google: A giant hard disk in the sky?

– Suramya

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