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January 26, 2006

My life for the past month (Part1)

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First of all a very Happy New Year to all of you. Yes I know its almost a month late but I have been kind of busy to post stuff.

A lot has been going on in my life recently. I came to India on the 14th Dec and then had to rush to Jaipur for Amit’s wedding. It was a lot of fun. Me, Vinit and Surabhi drove from Delhi to Jaipur and I must say the drive was very nice. The road was well maintained and the truck drivers were very nice, if they saw you coming behind them they would automatically get out of the way. I don’t think we went below 80 for the entire drive. (Except for the few infrequent busy area’s).

Over there we metup with Ravi and Sonia and all of us went to the wedding as Barati’s (The groom’s party) and I did my first baarat dance. (In hindu weddings the groom goes to the bride’s house/wedding area riding a horse and the groom’s party dances the entire way). It was a *lot* of fun. The band walla’s (The people playing the music) wanted to leave early but we made them stay for a long time while we all danced. Finally someone from the girl’s family had to come and tell us: “Beta ab bahut ho gaya ab under aa jao” (Son, you have danced enough so now why don’t you all come inside) so we finally went inside.

The food was good the company was great. Since the only people we knew over there were Amit’s immediate family we just roamed around and enjoyed the wedding. After the photographs we went back to our room. The next day we left early in the morning and drove back to Delhi. The drive was again a lot of fun (The part when we had to cross Gudgoan was *not* fun).

Then I visited my Grandparent’s place and did a lot of shopping. Then We left for Bangalore on the 22nd (or was it the 23rd?) by train. There were Eight of us (Me, Mom, Dad, Surabhi, Bijender Chachaji, Rajkumar Mama, Ranmal Mausaji and Jawahar Singh Uncle) it was a noisy and eventful trip. We had the ‘pleasure’ of being in the same compartment as a group of girls from 6 – 9th class who were going to Bangalore for a school trip and they were noisy. They just wouldn’t shut up… The worse was when they decided to start singing… < shudder > That was just painful.

We Finally reached Bangalore on the 25th morning where it looked like pretty much half of Vinit’s family was there to recieve us, since we weren’t expecting so many people to come to the station to recieve us it was a very pleseant surprise. Then we drove to RaceView hotel (So named because you can see the Race Course from its rooms… Duh.. ) Everyone then settled in to a brief rest then my Buaji’s (Dad’s sister’s) (Padmani and Maithili) and their daughter (Nandani) [Sorry if I misspell anyone’s name. I am really bad at spelling] arrived. I hadn’t met them in over 10 years since they have been in Australia for the past couple of years. It was nice meeting them. And guess what? they like 🙂 Then at lunch time I went to the Airport to recieve my Tauji and Taiji [Dad’s elder brother and his wife] and Amarnath Uncle. It was a long wait as Amarnath uncle’s flight had been delayed a lot due to fog in Delhi.

Finally everyone arrived and we had lunch. It was great food and I think I overate a bit. Then we retired to the hotel while surabhi went to get ready to a Beauty Parlor with Vinit’s Aunts and mom. They took a while…

Finally the evening arrived and we all arrived at Leela Palace for the engagement. It was a great event where they had a program called Bollywood Dhamaka by a group called Vibes (I think). It was an event that was over 3 hours long so if you think that I am going to type everything that happened during it then you are sadly mistaken. Highlights are as follows:

1. Surabhi and Vinit got engaged
2. The dance Group performed.
3. Atul danced inspite of his injured leg (And he danced pretty well).
4. Vinit’s Mama’s and Chacha’s also danced
5. So did his and surabhi’s friends (Yes including me. )
6. Maithili and Padmani Buaji sang an awesome song
7. The food was again great.

Now I am tired of typing. Will finish this post later.



  1. Hey!!suramya,

    Congratulations to Surabhi on her engagement..Wow!!!I better start visiting ur website more often…

    Hey!!do congratulate Surabhi on my behalf..Whens the marriage??

    and Whens ur engagement?


    Comment by Soumya — January 28, 2006 @ 5:10 PM

  2. Hi Soumya,
    Thanks, I will let Surabhi know. Yeah, you better start visiting my site more often, I will be posting the engagement pics sometime soon.

    The marriage date is not yet finalized. They are working on it. My engagement is sometime in the future. The far future. 😉 What about you, when is your engagement?

    – Suramya

    Comment by Suramya — January 30, 2006 @ 12:33 PM

  3. hi suramya,
    man i must say i should start visiting ur site.the pictures are amazing.keeps me updated about u surabhi and the rst of the family cos i haven’t been in touch for a when r u getting engaged or married which ever one is first?

    Comment by aarti — August 30, 2006 @ 11:26 AM

  4. Hey Aarti,
    Glad you dropped by and liked the pics. Regarding my marriage the answer is same as before: Sometime in the future, The far future.

    – Suramya

    Comment by Suramya — August 31, 2006 @ 8:52 AM

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