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June 8, 2005

Yes I am alive. Barely.

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Hi Everyone,

I guess I have been pretty irregular over the past few months in posting to the blog but life has been super busy for the past few weeks. The project I am working on right now is nearing completion and we are racing against a tight deadline so I have to work extremely long hours to make sure that the project gets done. Just to give you an idea of the hours, I have been getting to work at 9 am and leaving at around 1:30 – 2 am for most of last week. This week has been a bit easier; I get to leave by 8-9 pm 🙁

Other than that life is just peachy. The weather finally decided to warmup so instead of freezing to death in my room I am boiling to death.

Read the Time Odyssey by Arthur c clark and found it to be a lot poorer than his Space Odyssey series (The Time Odessey happens in parallel to the events in the Space Odessey).

Well this is all for now. Have to get up early tomorrow.

– Suramya

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