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November 16, 2005

An Overview of Cryptography

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Interesting and Long overview of Cryptography. Has some really good info on it and explains a lot of details in that field.

An Overview of Cryptography

– Suramya

November 7, 2005

Top 21 PHP progamming mistakes – Part I: Seven Textbook Mistakes

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A really interesting series of Articles that talk about common mistakes made by inexperienced PHP Programmers and how to avoid them.

Top 21 PHP progamming mistakes

– Suramya

October 31, 2005

Ajax Tutorial: Ajax What Is It Good For?

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Nice Tutorial on Ajax and what it is good for. Interesting read.

Ajax Tutorial: Ajax What Is It Good For?

– Suramya

October 29, 2005

Multithreaded Programming Tutorial

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A good tutorial on how to program Multi-threaded applications.

Multithreaded Programming (pthreads Tutorial)

October 28, 2005

Linux Emergency Room

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Really good article on how to create and use Emergency recovery tools to recover a crashed Linux system.

Complete Article:
The Linux Emergency Room

– Suramya

October 16, 2005

Automating Diagnostic Tests with Ant

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Interesting article that explains how to Diagnostic Tests with Ant
Excerpt from the article:

Suppose you have developed your Java application and distributed it to your users. If all goes well, the application just works on every computer. But if there’s a problem, you have to begin troubleshooting. Users will call for all sorts of installation problems, expecting you to fix them. Moreover, the same problems will often come back: the wrong version of Java, a deleted file, too-restrictive file permissions, etc. Most of these problems can be solved by creating a checklist. However, instead of wasting time asking new users the same questions on the checklist over and over, you can create a diagnostic test that goes through the checklist, providing users with the information they need to solve the problem. If users can’t solve the problem themselves, they can show you a clear checklist, so you can take a look at what’s going wrong without asking a bunch of questions first.

– Suramya

Handwriting Improvement tips

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If your handwriting is anything like mine then you should check this site out: It has some good tips on how to improve your Handwriting.

September 23, 2005

Ajax for Java developers

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Good tutorial on how to code Ajax applications uses Java backend as an example but is relevent for all languages.

Source: Ajax for Java developers: Build dynamic Java applications

September 22, 2005

Linux LDAP authentication tutorial

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Tutorial on how to setup LDAP on Linux. Looks interesting, might try it out on my spare machine when I go home next week.

Article Link: Linux LDAP authentication

– Suramya

Five pitfalls of Linux sockets programming

Filed under: Tutorials — Suramya @ 2:33 PM

Good article on socket programming. Focuses on implementation in Linux but is valid for socket programming in any language.

Complete Article: Five pitfalls of Linux sockets programming

– Suramya

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