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March 27, 2006

Firefox Bug Causes Relationship to Break Up

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This is one of the more interesting bugreports I have seen. Basically:

A couple engaged to be married shared a computer. He used Firefox to visit a bunch of dating sites, being smart enough not to have the browser save his password. But Firefox did save the names of the sites it was told never to save the password for. She happened to stumble on this list had a big fight (According to her: sh*t hit the fan) and then they broke up. This is after 5 years of dating… Stupid guy… lucky girl (That she found out about this before tying the knot)

I guess FireFox should start promoting itself as: “The browser you can use to find out if your significant other is cheating on you”

Bugzilla Report: Bug 330884 (Read it, its interesting)

Thanks to Schneier on Security for the link.


March 20, 2006

Scrolling LED bra sends mixed messages

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Found this while browsing through Cnet (Honest!)… And I think this is really funny:

“After years of reminding blokes that ‘our eyes are up here,’ someone’s gone and invented a bra that seems to say “but my breasts are down here,'” wrote the blog’s Star C. Foster.

Only downside in getting this is that its about $500 a piece… I think getting a new iPod would be cheaper and more useful.

Original Post: Scrolling LED bra sends mixed messages

Purchase them: Here

– Suramya

February 4, 2006

Ultimate solution for Spam

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How to eliminate spam permanently:

Solution for Spam

– Suramya

January 31, 2006

Politically incorrect but Hillarious retelling of Mahabharat

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Check out this extremely hillarious retelling of Mahabharta: Vyasa’s Dissertation

Yes, I know its a sacred text for Hindu’s.
No, I don’t think its wrong.
Yes, I think its really funny.
No, I won’t remove links to it.
Yes, I will mirror it if it goes down.

Thanks to Anomalizer for this link.

– Suramya

October 2, 2005

Why linux should be transparent

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Why Linux should be transparent
Why Linux should be transparent:

Found this on the Linux Gazette, issue 119

– Suramya

September 27, 2005

People come up with the wierdest idea’s

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Don’t know who came up with this but this is funny. Whoever designed this had waay too much free time on his hands.

These Czech animatronic statues realistically urinate on the trough before them, moving their hips and organs in concert. Their “pee” spells out quotes from famous Prague residents.

And guess what, you can SMS a message to them and they will spell it out for you before continuing as usual.

Complete Article here: Peeing statues spell out famous quotes and SMSs

Source: BoingBoing

– Suramya

August 16, 2005

SIP Tutorial

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Was doing some research on SIP and was looking for SIP tutorials and found the following link:


This is a hillarious explanation on how SIP works. Check it out.

– Suramya

August 11, 2005

Now this is the height of stupidity

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This politician (Martin) is giving a new meaning to the word ‘Stupid’. Apparantly he decided that MS has been selling “bad code” (Not that I don’t somewhat agree with this but…) So he decided to sue MS and ask for an Unconditional warranty that the Windows Vista code is free of security bugs.

I mean come on… I am not the world’s biggest microsoft fan but in this case I will have to side with Bill Gates. Its literally impossible to write a program as complex as Windows and not have any bugs in it. You can try to minimize the bugs/fix them in a timely fashion but you can’t remove them entirely. You might as well ask for World Peace and free gasoline while you are at it. And how about suing the car companies because cars can be broken into and need maintainence.

With people like this running for office and winning… God help us…

Original Article:
Anti-MS Group Aims to Block Vista

March 3, 2005

PHP is so good even MS sites prefer using it

Filed under: Funny News — Suramya @ 2:01 AM

Apparently PHP is so good even Microsoft uses it instead of ASP. According to CNet a recent screenshot taken at the MSN Brazil site showed that its running on PHP with a MySQL database backend. The screen shot is available: here

I feel sorry for the guys who designed the site. Someone is going to be pretty upset about this lapse…

– Suramya

February 26, 2005

Its desirable to want a cool case

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I know its highly desirable to want to keep your computer cool, but this is ridiculous . Why would anyone want to make a computer case out of cooling fans is beyond me. On the other hand people have also made computer case’s out of lego’s, bricks etc so… How loud do you think this particular case would be and how much power would it consume just to run the fans?

A ‘cool’ Cabinet case

Site Url:

– Suramya

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