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October 13, 2006

Microsoft Vista feature presentation on a Mac

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Somebody took the audio from a Microsoft Vista “we’re so brilliant, we’ve invented all this new stuff” shill session and overlaid it on a video of themselves doing it all on their OS/X desktop.

Pretty amusing stuff. The best part is that I can do most of it on my Linux box as well.

Check it out at: Here

Thanks to Ben Okopnik for the link.

– Suramya

August 15, 2006

Huge Firefox crop circle

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I guess even aliens prefer using firefox… 🙂 Actually it was the work of OSU Linux Users Group in Oregon.

From project wiki:

“The Firefox Crop Circle project shows that we have so much passion for Firefox that we want it to be visible from space! Planned in under two weeks and completed in under 24 hours, the crop circle had a final diameter of 220 feet. We constructed the circle in an oat field near Amity, Oregon, where it was completely invisible from the road but unmistakable from the sky.”

FireFox Crop circle

More details: Linux Users Group – Oregon State University

Thanks to nixCraft for the link.

– Suramya

August 4, 2006


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What do you do when you find someone else stealing bandwidth from your wireless network and you don’t like it? You Lock it down correct? This person didn’t do that, he decided to have a little fun at the expense of the unauthorized user…

So he ran squid with a trivial redirector that downloads images, uses mogrify to turn them upside down and serves them out of it’s local webserver. So the visitor gets websites that look something like:

Check out Upside-Down-Ternet for rest of the crazy things he did.

– Suramya

June 29, 2006

Template for News Stories on Government Data Gathering

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Funny. The scary part is that most stories/news reports I have read about the US govt. data gathering read almost the same…

Check it out: Template for News Stories on Government Data Gathering

Thanks to Schneier on Security for the link.

– Suramya

May 10, 2006

MS Live Messenger paradox

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This is just hillarious. Basically the new MS Live Beta installer wants you to close the MSN installer so that the MSN installer can continue installing(See the pic below). I havn’t tried installing it on my system because I don’t like MSN and don’t want it to mess with my system.

MSN Paradox
MSN Paradox…

Source: Reg reader traumatised by MS Live Messenger paradox

Thanks for the laugh guys.

– Suramya

April 11, 2006

Desert pinup ogled by Google Earth

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Found this while reading TechRepublic… People will go any lengths for a publicity stunt.

Now along with the great wall of China astronauts can enjoy looking at Eva Longoria, billed as “TV’s Sexiest Earthling.”

Images: Desert pinup ogled by Google Earth

– Suramya

April 3, 2006

The ultimate Speech to Text service

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Vinit posted this on Anomalizer’s Blog. It took a couple of seconds for for me to realize what he was talking about and then I fell of the chair laughing…

Surabhi says: The best part … you realize it.

VB says:

Before you ask, she’s too lazy to login to her own account.
MS Office’s speech-to-text takes 70 mb.
According to Surabhi, it takes 70kgs (moi).

Thanks for the laugh guys.

– Suramya

April 1, 2006

This is just evil…

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Saw this at Userfriendly… Now doing this to someone is just plain evil…

This is just evil

– Suramya

March 29, 2006

The Spider of Doom

Filed under: Funny News,Tech Related — Suramya @ 10:55 AM

Ok, this is just plain hillarious.. Though I do feel sorry for the poor sysadmin who had to trace this issue and I am impressed that he actually managed to solve it. Basically:

“Josh [Breckman] was called in to investigate and noticed that one particularly troublesome external IP had gone in and deleted all of the content on the system. The IP didn’t belong to some overseas hacker bent on destroying helpful government information. It resolved to, Google’s very own web crawling spider. Whoops.”

So when googlebot crawled the pages it deleted them as it went through them. This is really poor application design, the authentication mechanism depended on the client to have javascript enabled and if they didn’t it assumed that allowed the visitor full access to the site.. Not smart…

Complete Writeup: The Spider of Doom – The Daily WTF (Has some good suggestions on how to avoid this)

Thanks to Daily Blogoscoped for the link.

– Suramya

March 28, 2006

Google 3.0??

Filed under: Funny News — Suramya @ 10:17 AM

Google 3.0?
Google 3.0??

Thanks to Coolz0r – Marketing Thoughts for the link.

– Suramya

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