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January 29, 2005

Quickest route the MS way

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Microsoft does it again. Now to goto a place in Norway from a place in Norway you have to cross 4 countries and this is supposed to be the ‘quickest route….

Here’s the URL: MSN Maps

Way to go MicroSoft…

– Suramya

December 20, 2004

After Mobile Clubbing comes Pillow fights

Filed under: Funny News — Suramya @ 2:55 PM

Ok, this is starting to get silly. First there was Flash mobbing. Then came MobileClubbing now to top it people in UK are planning to have a giant pillow fight in front of The National Gallery.

To participate all you have to do is show up with a pillow and at 18.09pm start hitting anyone with a pillow. It should be fun but I think its silly. What’s next? Public flashing….

Source: The Register

– Suramya

November 5, 2004

Playboy has a mirror for CPAN

Filed under: Funny News,Tech Related — Suramya @ 5:56 AM

Ok this is something I really didn’t expect to find. Today when downloading perl modules from CPAN I noticed that the file I was downloading was being served on I took a screenshot of the window as proof

Playboy Mirror

November 4, 2004

After Flash mobbing comes mobile clubbing

Filed under: Funny News,News/Articles — Suramya @ 8:01 PM

First came Flash mobbing where a bunch of strangers would get together at a random spot and do something stupid and then leave. Now comes Mobile Clubbing where a group of people turnup at a pre-arranged public place on mass where they begin to dance to the sound of their own personal stereo.

The events are organised on the Internet, informally among groups of friends and the word passes via chat rooms and news forums.

I guess people just liek doing stuff together… I don’t think any have been organized in NY yet, but when they do I think I just might go check it out..

Full Story: Here

Mobile Clubbing Site: MobileClubbing

– Suramya

November 3, 2004

Its official: Programmers get wierd when bored

Filed under: Funny News — Suramya @ 7:23 PM

These programmers actually take the time to printout old source code and then bury it on a hill. They must have been seriously bored to think of something like this..

Programmers Hold Funerals for Old Code
Wed Nov 3, 7:29 AM ET

DAYTON, Ohio – Among the tiny graves on Blocker Hill, the wind echoes with the tortured cries of computer programmers. Beneath the eight grave markers, and perhaps in a rumored unmarked grave nearby, lie reams of paper printouts of code for software that has left this mortal operating system.

The cemetery is a quirky tradition among the programmers at LexisNexis, which provides online legal and business information. Rather than simply delete programs that are retired or replaced, they print them out for a proper send-off not always with fond regards.

Full Story: Here

October 7, 2004

Sleep in trains and get a $50 fine

Filed under: Funny News — Suramya @ 11:58 PM

This one is just corny. I mean how stupid can you get.

When a student fell asleep in a Chicago subway train, he did not realise his predicament would quickly become a cause celebre. He was given a $50 ticket ’cause he was sleeping dangerously in the train. Officials said Bhatia had “violated a CTA ordinance by obstructing the operation of a train”

Read the full Story Here

– Suramya

October 6, 2004

Is the GPL a virus?

Filed under: Computer Related,Funny News — Suramya @ 5:36 PM

This news just made me laugh:

Clamav a popular opensource virus scanner has been hastily updated this morning to remove a ‘false positive’: the scanner was detecting the GNU Public Licence as a virus.

I know that some people call the GNU licence viral but isn’t this a bit too much?

Source: The Inquirer

– Suramya

Can I take your order please?

Filed under: Funny News,Humor — Suramya @ 11:59 AM

Found this code online and I think it is absolutely hilarious, even to people who don’t even know C.

static void happy_meal_tcvr_write(struct happy_meal *hp,
unsigned long tregs, int reg,
unsigned short value)
int tries = TCVR_WRITE_TRIES;

ASD(("happy_meal_tcvr_write: reg=0x%02x value=%04x\n", reg,

/* Welcome to Sun Microsystems, can I take your order please? */
if (!hp->happy_flags & HFLAG_FENABLE)
return happy_meal_bb_write(hp, tregs, reg, value);

/* Would you like fries with that? */
hme_write32(hp, tregs + TCVR_FRAME,
(FRAME_WRITE | (hp->paddr < < 23) |
((reg & 0xff) << 18 ) | (value & 0xffff)));
while (!(hme_read32(hp, tregs + TCVR_FRAME) & 0x10000) && --tries)

/* Anything else? */
if (!tries)
printk(KERN_ERR "happy meal: Aieee, transceiver MIF write

/* Fifty-two cents is your change, have a nice day. */

I think that the programmer who wrote this was a little bit bored.

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