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December 22, 2022

India first crewed space mission scheduled for Q4, 2024

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The Indian Space Program has been running on an accelerated schedule over the past few years. We had the Chandrayaan 2 launch in 2019 followed by multiple record breaking launch of 104 satellites (It was later broken by Space X, but efforts are ongoing to break their record of 143 satellites launched.

India is aiming to launch an Indian crewed orbital spacecraft Gaganyaan (“Space Craft”) by Q4, 2024. If all goes well India will become the 4th country to put a human in space after Russia, US and China. This is an extremely ambitious program that will push the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) to its limits. This was announced yesterday by India’s Minister for Atomic Energy and Space, Dr Jitendra Singh in his answer to a question posed in the Lok Sabha.

(a) The first uncrewed flight of Gaganyaan programme i.e. ‘G1’ mission is aimed at validating the performance of Human rated launch vehicle, Orbital module propulsion system, mission management, communication system and recovery operations. The mission will carry a humanoid as payload. In view of the paramount importance of crew safety, two Test Vehicle missions are planned before the ‘G1’ mission to demonstrate the performance of crew escape system and parachute-based deceleration system for different flight conditions.

(b) Yes, Sir. The uncrewed ‘G1’ mission is targeted to be launched in the last quarter of 2023 followed by the second uncrewed ‘G2’ mission in the second quarter of 2024. India’s maiden human space flight ‘H1’ mission is targeted to be launched in the fourth quarter of 2024.

(c) & (d) Yes, Sir. The astronaut designates for human space flight mission are identified and are currently undergoing their mission specific training at Bengaluru. First semester of Astronaut training has been
completed wherein they have undergone course modules on Theoretical basics, Space medicine, Launch vehicles, spacecraft system and ground support infrastructure. Regular physical fitness sessions, aeromedical training and flying practice are also part of crew training. Corresponding evaluation and assessment activities have also been completed. The second semester of crew training is currently in progress.

Another interesting point for this launch is that the training for the astronauts is being conducted in India itself at ISRO’s facility in Bangalore instead of in Russia as it was done in the past. Now that the initial announcement has been made, we need to publicize this a lot more to get everyone excited about the launch. If possible I will def be planning a visit to Sriharikota to witness the launch in person.

I am looking forward to the launch and wish ISRO all the best. This is a proud moment for all Indians. Jai Hind.

Source: Gaganyaan: ISRO plans to launch first human space flight mission in 2024 & India schedules first crewed space mission for Q4, 2024

– Suramya

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