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May 8, 2022

BBC announces that ‘Ncuti Gatwa’ is going to be the 14th Doctor

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The worlds longest running SciFi show Doctor Who, which is famous for replacing the lead character by having them ‘regenerate’ into a new body has announced that ‘Ncuti Gatwa’ is going to take over the mantel of the Doctor from Jodie Whittaker later this year. I have no idea who this guy is but I am looking forward to seeing him take over the role. I loved Jodie in the role and the subject matter of most of the episodes during her run. (Except for the Flux/Division storyline which wasn’t too great… I think they could have simplified it a bit)

Most of the reactions to the casting seems to be positive, but there are enough idiots who are complaining about the casting because the show is becoming ‘woke’ as they cast a black man as a savior when it is well known that only white men can save others.. (yes that was me being sarcastic) These same people complain about the 13th Doctor as well. I hope the showrunners don’t pay them any attention and continue making great TV, unlike the Star Wars team that decided to ignore a major chunk of the stories from the previous movie in the last movie because a vocal minority didn’t like it.

Doctor Who has always used it’s episodes to give commentary on social issues but most people tend to forget/ignore that.

Edit (11th May 2022): As expected, it only took a few minutes. Right-wing commentator slammed for his take on why Ncuti Gatwa got Doctor Who role & Racism Is Always Right on Time With Black Casting Announcements and It’s Exhausting and many many more.

– Suramya

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