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April 5, 2021

What reason would anyone have to convince people that the earth is not flat?

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A few days ago a Flat Earther, or to be less polite: a stupid idiot was arrested for burning down 3 masonic lodges as he posted a note on Social media claiming to “I just cleaned 3 satanic club houses and nobody could do anything.”. This news made me think about the whole Flat Earth conspiracy again and actually find the whole flat earth conspiracy quite interesting since there is absolutely no proof that earth is flat but still people keep insisting that it is. When asked for proof we are pointed towards Youtube videos as if they are actual science research.

The most interesting thing about it for me is that people always claim that the establishment, or the government and the media or whatever are part of a giant conspiracy to fool people into thinking the earth is flat. But no one has given an explanation as to why they would do something like that. I mean what is the government achieving by making people think the earth is not flat. Everything needs a reason to exist and as far as I can tell there is no reason for the government to fool people into thinking the earth is a sphere. In the middle ages there was a movement that said that the earth was flat because the bible said so but now unless I am mistaken even the church agrees that this is not the case.

According to the conspiracy theorists people have been spending trillions of dollars to make people believe in something that is not true. However whenever we spend money (especially that amount of money) the goal is to achieve something or get something. I have so far been unable to figure out what that is. Looking that the flip side, most of these conspiracy theorists have a financial motive for pushing the theory. From selling merchandise to speaking gigs to book deals etc they have a lot of interest in pushing this theory to the unenlightened masses.

Personally I would rather believe the scientists, researchers, religious figures and scripture. In Hinduism for example, the Surya Siddhanta published from between 350 and 400 CE states that the earth is a sphere and calculates the earth’s diameter to be 8,000 miles (modern: 7,928 miles), the diameter of the moon as 2,400 miles (actual ~2,160) and the distance between the moon and the earth to be 258,000 miles (now known to vary: 221,500–252,700 miles (356,500–406,700 kilometres). I would rather believe these experts than the so called ‘experts’ on youtube who are only there to make money.

How the world looks according to a flat earther

– Suramya

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