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April 19, 2013

Random Thoughts

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Just some random thoughts for todays post. Yesterday (well technically the day before) I lived through the third earthquake of my life. It was an interesting experience, I initially thought someone was shaking my bed (or rather kicking it) then saw the ceiling fan shaking and realized it was either an earthquake or a rally fat person jumping up and down on the roof.

Spent about 30 mins yesterday trying to figure out why my latest blog post didn’t show up on Facebook and then realized that this was because the FB sync script runs on my home computer and the desktop was shutdown since I was traveling. Felt kind of silly when I realized that.

Found some old sourcecode that I have been looking for a while on a CD that I had burnt in 2001, unfortunately I still seem to be missing one header file, but there are signs that we might have removed the header file altogether from the software, but the only way I can be sure is to compile all the separate files and see if the final product works. That requires a bit more effort and brainpower than I have willing to spend at this time. Maybe over one of these weekend I will try this, all I need is a lot of time and loud music to help me concentrate.

Noise canceling headsets are awesome and worth every penny spent. Just need to be aware that when I have them on I don’t hear anything including my phone ringing. So need to make sure I have the phone on the desk in front of me when I am using the headsets so I can see when a call comes in. Otherwise I seem to miss a lot of calls.

Well this is all for now. Have lots more random thoughts but need to get some sleep, or tomorrow will be bad.

– Suramya

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