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July 10, 2012

Managing comments/conversations over different systems

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As some of you know all new posts on my blog automatically get posted on my Facebook wall thanks to a set of scripts that I have created. Now what happens that I have people posting comments in response to the posts on Facebook, some respond using flipbook on the Ipad which sends me an email with the comment and lastly people post comments directly on the blog. So I have three potential places where separate conversations are going on about a post. I want to have one place where all the conversations/comments are logged and there is an easy way to do it technically but the people aspect is the problem. Basically I don’t know if people will be ok with me taking their comment to a post on FB (that was synced from the blog) and sync it back to the Blog. Personally I don’t see the problem but people tend to be a bit funny. I have in the past gotten flack for posting pics on my site and not on FB because its open and anyone can access them (which is one of the reasons I stopped posting pics online. More on that in a different post).

Currently the comments are broken down in the following main categories:

* People who I don’t know personally -> Post comments on the blog [for the most part]
* People with whom I am friends -> Post comments on Facebook. [For the most part]

The second option is to take comments from the Blog and post them on FB, which is not always possible as the people who post the comments might not be on FB (or on my friend list).

The last option is to post a comment on every post with the link to the post’s synced copy on FB so anyone who wants to follow the conversation of FB can do so if they have access to the post (i.e. if they are in my friend list).

As all of them will require some work on my side, I am leaving it as is for now… But would love to hear your thoughts/opinions about this.

Well this is all for now. Will post more later.

– Suramya

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