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July 1, 2012

Had a fun weekend

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This weekend was fun, parents are in town so they came over. I originally wanted to go watch the new Spiderman movie but couldn’t do so because something came up, but other than that the weekend was great. Mom and dad spent most of the weekend here before Surabhi called them back. Having parents over is both a positive and negative thing. Positive in the sense that your house gets cleaned and stuff gets arranged/organized, the downside is that stuff gets arranged/organized. Simple example, for the past year the switches in my kitchen were wired in a certain way, 1st switch was for the exhaust fan and the second was for the lights. Now dad rewired them so that the 1st switch is for the light, now it makes perfect logical sense but for the past few days every single time I go to the kitchen I switch on the fan when I want to turn on the lights… and its annoying…

As some of you know I use a hard-drive platter as a coaster and over the past year the platter I was using got a lot of scratches and it seemed to be ready to be replaced. I had a 200GB drive that had died a while ago sitting in my drawer so after I made sure it didn’t have any important data (stuck in it the freezer and then was able to read the drive. Yes you read that correctly, sticking drives in the freezer actually helps recover data) I dismantled the drive. Surprisingly it was a pain to dismantle the drive, there were 6 screws in the spindle that took me almost 1/2 hour to unscrew because everytime I tried to unscrew the entire platter would rotate. Finally had to stick another screwdriver in there and got the platters out. Now I have a brand new coaster. 🙂

The drive had three platters so if anyone wants a coaster, let me know. BTW its also reflective enough to be used as a mirror.

Other than that I finished some work and upgraded the OS on the RaspberyPi. Initially I had installed the Debian Squeeze (Ver 6) standard install but today I upgraded to Debian wheezy public beta build. It installed without issues and I like the new build, it seems a bit snappier than the old install, also they have included a new configuration tool that comes up the first time the system boots up that allows you to configure various options using a menu based system (sort of like the Debian installer used to work). Haven’t really played with it yet, but looking forward to it. Maybe the stupid wifi card will work on the new build. If not I am going to go steal a powered USB hub from someone.

Going to connect the Pi to my TV and try playing a movie on it to see how it works… lets see… Hopefully it will play without issues. If not, then its an excuse to fiddle with it till it does work.

Well this is all for now. Will write more later.

– Suramya

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