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October 13, 2011

A nerdy Guide To New York City

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Are you a big movie/comic book fan? If yes then you will like this map created by users on BuzzFeed. Basically, instead of showing typical tourist landmarks like the statue of liberty etc it shows the location of famous landmarks from comics, video games, movies etc. I wish it had been created a couple of months ago while I was visiting NY. Ah well, the next time I visit I know what I will be checking out during my trip around the city.

Check it out:

A nerdy guide to New York City

Now someone should create a similar map for locations in India that were used in Movies/comics/books etc. Hmm… not a bad idea for a project. Guess it should be possible to find a list of locations in India that were used in a book/movie/comic and them map them out in Google maps. The hard part would be compiling the list of locations, mapping it out shouldn’t be that hard.

Source: Ultimate Nerd Guide to New York City

– Suramya

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