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April 26, 2010

Winds of Change (Valdemar: Mage Winds Book 02) by Mercedes Lackey

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Winds of Change (Valdemar: Mage Winds Book 02)
by Mercedes Lackey


Winds of Change is the second book in the Mage Winds Trilogy.

None but the Companions remember the long-ago age when high magic was lost to Valdemar as the last Herald-Mage gave his life to protect his kingdom from destruction by dark sorceries. But now the protective barrier set so long ago over Valdemar is crumbling, and with the realm imperiled by the dark magic of Ancar of Hardorn, Princess Elspeth, Herald and heir to the throne, has gone on a desperate quest in search of a mentor who can teach her to wield her fledgling mage-powers and help her to defend her threatened kingdom.

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Review:Winds of Change is the second book in the Mage Winds trilogy. It picks up just after the first book ends. Elspeth, heir to the throne of Valdemar, has been adopted in the Clan of k’Sheyna and is training her mage gift under Darkwind k’Sheyna.

Most of the book covers the life in the vales with little focus on what’s happening in Valdemar at the same time. During the course of the book Elspeth is trained and the Clan finally sends out a request for help in dealing with the rouge Heartstone. While the Adepts of the clan along with Healing Adept Firesong deal with the Heartstone, Mornelithe Falconsbane who the clan assumed to have died in the previous book is revealed as being still alive and still plotting against the clan to gain the power stored in the heartstone.

The drops a lot of hints and has explanations about various items that have been hinted at in the previous books like how Need became a sword and how she defeated the mage that had attacked her temple and how Tayledras gained the ability to cleanse an area from magic.

The descriptions of Companions and the bond birds shows Lackey’s familiarity with horses and birds of prey. The characters are mostly quite well defined and even the interpersonal issues between the characters are covered in detail without making them too detailed or into a caricature of themselves.

Final Recommendation: Awesome read. This is a book that I have read multiple times and have enjoyed it each time.

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