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April 26, 2010

Launching new Section:

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As you probably know I read a lot and I have a rather eclectic selection of books I read. Over the past few years a lot of people have asked me for recommendations and reviews of books I have read. I got tired of giving individual recommendations and decided to create this section to solve that problem.

Basically the way it will work is the following: When I read a book I write down a couple a paragraphs about the book and whether I liked it or not and that gets posted to this site. BTW keep in mind that this site contains my personal views about the book. Your views might differ so its possible that you don’t like a book that I recommend.

Check out the new Section at:

Currently there are 37 reviews on the site with more being added everyday. By the way, If like reading and are interested in writing reviews for the books you read do contact me and we will work something out.

– Suramya

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