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October 14, 2008

Want a collection you can always use? Pirate it.

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Funny but true:

I have always hated DRM protected files. I need the option to do whatever I want with something I paid for where ever I want to.

I have personally been hit by DRM once. I bought a book from one of the online retailers and it was a protected PRC file. I downloaded their reader when I bought the book and read it. Then I had to format my system and didn’t bother to install the reader software. Now after about a year I wanted to read the book again but couldn’t. For some reason my account on the site was deleted and the reader won’t let me open the book without logging into the site. So I am stuck with a file that I can’t use even though I paid for it.

Thankfully I had initially taken a screen shot of every page of the book because I intended to convert it to html and I still had those files on my system so I ended up converting them to text and finally to html.

So in order to use something I had paid for I had to pirate it… Go figure…

I will stick with DRM free books/music in the meantime.

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– Suramya

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