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March 7, 2008

Connectivity woes…

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A few of you might have been wondering where I have disappeared to these last few days.

Well I have been here struggling to identify why I couldn’t get to the net from my laptop. First I thought it was a network cable issue so I replaced all the cables with new ones (yeah I have a lot of them lying around). That didn’t solve the problem. The funny part was that my vonage was able to connect to the web and computers in the server room seemed to be able to connect to the web sometimes. I thought that it could be an issue with the Vonage router, as the rest of the house was going through it to get to the web. So I took out a linksys switch I had which was gathering dust and took the Vonage router out of the picture (The DSL modem was now acting as the router).

Unfortunately that didn’t fix the problem either. So I decided to move the entire system (router, modem and switch) to my room so that I could get net access there. Unfortunately over there even the vonage system lost net access. I couldn’t even ping the modem from my system. So I called Airtel and they sent a guy over to replace the modem. After they replaced the system it worked for a little while then something went wrong with its powesupply. It kept restarting randomly and ofcourse I couldn’t browse the web without frequent disconnects. So I called them again and they replaced both the router and the power adapter. So far it looks like its working.

In the mean time I found out that the network jack on my laptop is acting up… I could browse the web if I used the USB network jack I have but the net kept going down if I was using the built in network port. It might be a problem with Windows or it might be a hardware issue. I will probably be re-installing windows soon and if that doesn’t solve the issue I will get a wireless router.

Now I seem to be able to connect to the web. Lets hope it stays that way. *Crossed fingers*

– Suramya

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