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January 13, 2008

My Trip to bangalore

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I was in Bangalore right after new years and was there for 5 days. Was there for work and to meet Surabhi and Vinit. It was a fun trip. The traffic was bad, work was ok, meeting friends/relatives was awesome.

In the 5 days I was there, we ate out every day at a different restaurant, it was a filling experience. Especially liked the IndeJoes place. It is the first place in India where I have had good Mexican food. Their portions were big enough that we had to get most of Surabhi & Vinit’s dinner packed (We were full from the appetizers). I loved the music they played which was mostly late 80’s and early 90’s. Don;t really remember the name of the other places but the food there was also very good. I am sad that they don’t have a branch in Delhi 🙁

On Sunday Me, Vinit and Surabhi went to Wonder La which is an amusement park. Spent all day over there having a blast. Since schools were about to open and everyone was busy finishing their holiday homework the park was pretty empty. The water rides were fun but the best were the remaining rides like “Insanity”, “Twister”, “The mixer”.

On my flight back I was supposed to be on a King Fisher flight but the travel agent couldn’t get me tickets so they put me on an Indian Airlines flight. At first I was pretty mad but then I saw that I was seated next to the emergency exit and had plenty of leg room so I lazed about and enjoyed the flight. Plus the flight was mostly empty so I could have chosen any seat. Got to Delhi pretty late at night and Mom and Dad picked me up from the Airport.

Over all it was a good trip. I had fun.

– Suramya

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