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December 18, 2007

What I have been upto…

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Been watching some old TV shows recently. Found this old British show called Crime Traveller. In it two British detectives solve crimes by traveling back in time to a point before the crime happened. What makes this show interesting is the way they show Time Travel; the travelers go back in time for a random period of time and then they have to be back at the machine at the exact moment at which they left, or they will get stuck in a repeating loop of time.

During the episodes you see some odd happenings and later on when the characters travel back the odd happenings are explained. The detectives can’t just walk to the place of the crime and watch it; they have to work to prevent paradoxes from happening. Over all its a great show. To bad it wasn’t continued. There’s some lobbying going on to bring it back and if its successful then I would be very happy.

The second show I have started watching is Smallville. I know its on its 7th season now but till now I had only seen maybe 15 mins of the show in bits and pieces. Finally decided that I had to see the show so watching it from the first season onwards. So far I have seen the first two episodes and I like it. Will probably watch the entire 7 seasons. I watched the Stargate SG1 series also like this only. I had started watching Stargate Atlantis and liked it so went back and watched the entire SG1 back to back (one season at a time).

Other than TV, I have discovered some new authors I like so doing a lot of reading. Linnea Sinclair has entered my list of authors I like, she writes Science-fiction that could be classified as Space Opera. Some damm good books. Have read six so far with another two to go…

Have started keeping a list of books I have been reading so that I can see how much I read an since the 26th of Nov I have read 21 books and am on my 22nd. 🙂 Thinking of posting this online. What do you think? My books section (on the site) hasn’t been updated in years so this list could come up over there. Lets see…

Well this is all for now. Will post more later.

– Suramya

PS: This is my 501st post on the Blog. 😀

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